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( Sep. 1st, 2010 05:06 pm)
Due to Livejournal enacting the ability to cross-post your comments to other networking sites irrespective of the privacy settings of the journal in which you are posting them...

"If I find out that ANYONE is reposting things from my journal to their Facebook or Twitter, even if it's their own comments, YOU ARE UNCONDITIONALLY AND WHOLLY BANNED FROM MY JOURNALS AND ANY COMMUNITIES I CREATED AND MAINTAIN. There will be no second chances on this. My journals and my Facebook do not mix. Fuck that shit." (- ganked from [ profile] ariestess via [ profile] moonvoice)

IMO, locked posts are locked for a reason. There is no way to know how locked down a post is unless it's your own (which is as it should be). Anyone who is so disrespectful of my privacy as to use this 'feature' on my journal is not my friend. You get one chance with the privacy portion of my trust, and then it's gone.

The parts of my life that are connected to the disparate versions of 'me' on my journal(s) and on my Facebook are separate for a reason. Anyone who connects them for other people is not my friend, they are actively playing with my safety without my consent.
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( May. 22nd, 2009 07:59 pm)

I'm checking flights for the next dance comp I'm thinking of going to for which I have not yet booked - a comp in July, in Canberra - and the flights available which are the most convenient times... are Tiger.

Leaving Adelaide on the Friday, I can catch a direct flight with Qantas at 6:40am, or a direct flight with Virgin at 6:20pm (which arrives after the Friday night activities have started) or I can take the 1:35pm Tiger flight (and get dropped off at the airport with free wireless internet at 11:30am).

Leaving Canberra on the Sunday, I can catch a direct flight with Qantas at 5:55pm, or a direct flight with Virgin at 4:30pm, or a direct flight with Tiger at 7:40pm - which even with the extra time needed to check in for Tiger flights still means that I'd only need to arrive at the airport at a later hour.

This is leaving aside the fact that the return airfare with Tiger ($58+$68=$126) is cheaper than either of those one way flights with Qantas ($147 each way), and approximately equal to the Canberra -> Adelaide flight with Virgin ($129; Adelaide -> Canberra journey with Virgin is $109)

All prices quoted do not include booking fees, credit card fees, nor checked luggage. All Qantas non-direct flights are more expensive. There are some Virgin non-direct flights which are less expensive, but they're at completely inappropriate times.
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( Aug. 27th, 2008 01:06 pm)
Also a slight wtf: Have been emailed by responsible persons regarding the accommodation for the bridge stuff early this month. Because they think I didn't pay my share, for some reason. My bank account says otherwise, sadly. I don't know if this is something wierd or what, but I am pretty sure I checked that no one owed anything before I checked us out.

It's certainly interesting. I don't know if they're only getting to me now because I haven't been in to the club since and they expected to waylay me there, or if THEY just got hit up by the apartment, or if they've just failed to be organised.

Well, there's nothing I can do about it until I get home on Sunday, so I'll just laugh happily at the silliness of it all and start to choose an outfit appropriate to dancing tonight :D
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( Jan. 30th, 2008 03:43 pm)
Interesting. One cannot take cards marked inactive in MYOB and combine them with another card (moving the data associated with the card to another card, then deleting the card which now has no data associated with it).
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( Jan. 17th, 2008 11:19 am)
You know how I said yesterday that I was never driving pre-coffee again if I could help it?

Aha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I did it again with Bastard this morning. Our driving experiences seem to devolve into lightly heated discussions as to how his terminology doesn't mean the same things to me. "Line up the car" can mean "line the car up with the fence", "line the car up with the house" or "line the car up with the gates". This is important when I'm trying to navigate the car backwards between the fence and house (where it is only just wide enough to clear the mirrors with a little left over, at one point) and end up in a position to exit the property. Bastard said this morning that he always meant "line the car up with the gates". Since I had been explaining to him shortly before he said "Line up the car" how I was going to fuss with the positioning because I couldn't see one of the gates in my side mirrors, and he was saying it as part of the 'helping'... I'm adding that to the list of things I'm peeved with him for.

Also witnessed this morning: Car crossing from the lane to my left, in front of a car who also began indicating and then crossed to the same end lane, two lanes to my right. Very well synchronised, they ended up pulling into the rightmost turning lane at the same time. This was at the CBD end of Anzac Highway, btw, just before it crossed over Richmond Road/ Greenhill Road, and I was in the rightmost non-turning lane going into the CBD.

Tonight I'm rostered on as demo for the beginner class. I just hope Bastard remembers that I told him this several times and picks me up early, as I requested.

Lastly, Internode have changed their webmail interface. I'm not sure I like it. The headers up the top are too big, and it's very orange. The way the sidebar has been done seems a little off - it scrolls, attached to the top of the screen until it's disappeared, then it fades out and fades in again wherever you are and sticks there, attached to the side of the screen. And I still have to scroll to the top or bottom of a message to delete the message. And to get TO the webmail from the front page, I have to scroll to the bottom right of the frontpage, enter my details, and then ensure that I've chosen the radio button which corresponds to webmail and not 'MyInternode', which is where we can change our account details, BUT which I have to log into using our main account details and not my subsidiary-type email mailbox details. I want my user-friendly, dammit!
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( Jan. 16th, 2008 10:01 am)
I am never driving pre-coffee ever again (if I can help it and it's not an emergency, emergencies trump everything).

In case you missed it (which you probably did because I don't think I mentioned it) I sat for my Learner's Permit again over the Christmas break. I let the previous one run out, and then I needed new glasses (deteriorating astigmatism meant that I couldn't read street signs unless I was standing right beneath them and that is NOT a safe condition to drive in), and then I needed the chalazions excised and for the astigmatism from THAT to go away. So now I have a Learner's Permit again. According to my license photo, I am dark blonde and evenly lightly-tanned (as opposed to the preceding license which had me brunette and pale-skinned, or my proof-of-age card which has me red-tinged brunette and greenish. My last student card was Harry Potter from the movies with neater, boofier hair and differently shaped glasses). I actually have a good license photo. If I could, I would pinch it for my passport. Even if I am reddish-mouse as opposed to blonde.

Anyway, so Bastard had to do something in town today, so I woke him up far earlier than he would have been awake otherwise (today being a non-working day for him) and I drove in to work. Straight run, we left before the last-minute crush, so while it was heavy traffic, it was heavy, moving-smoothly-at-the-speed-limit traffic.

We have also discovered that I still need to hear occasionally what I've done right as opposed to only ever hearing what I could do better. I had a small "I suck, you said so" moment when Bastard told me to correct my lane creep having not yet said a single nice thing about anything this morning (we were four-fifths of the way in). Why do people assume that you can hear the "You're doing well!" behind their criticism and nit-picking? I have difficulty with it when I'm not under stress, and I had thought that I had Bastard trained. Will have to work on him again.
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( Jan. 14th, 2008 12:44 pm)
I just broke my longest nail. Picking up my handbag. It's surprisingly difficult to adjust my typing now that that thumbnail ends with the quick and not half a centimetre beyond. Bastard will be pleased, he's been bugging me to cut my nails.
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( Jan. 11th, 2008 03:20 pm)
One of my bridge partners has left a message on my phone asking if I want to play in a particular one-night-a-week-for-six-weeks event.

I'm seriously tossing up on this one. I like playing with this lady, but I usually play with her on Thursday nights, in the bigger competitions, and that's a dancing class night. Also, I'm seriously considering giving up bridge altogether (except for trips interstate, because they have much nicer people there than at my local club. Not that there aren't nice people at my local club, but on the competitive nights... Well, we don't screen out or ostracize people who don't play nice. So the vast majority of my favourite bridge players live interstate). I don't enjoy it enough to compensate for the fact that I don't really have a group of friends at bridge, certainly not enough of one to compete with friends at dance class. Mostly the people I talk to at bridge are so far out of my age group that there's no point in thinking that I might get invited to anything outside. Except for my bridge partner, and a couple of isolated incidents amongst the Youth (one in... 1996 or thereabouts, a couple in 2000, 2001-ish, and one in... 2003? 2004?, that's what I can remember), no one ever has reciprocated.

So I have a dilemma. I really want to dance as much as possible. But I'm feeling obligations.

On the dancing note, the sore muscles from last Sunday's routine workshop are finally going away. Just in time for me to get more this Sunday.

And we finished off after class last night with a swim at a fellow dancer's connections' pool (don't ask me how they're connected, this is Adelaide), and I've had twelve hours sleep. I feel almost human-like again. Certainly refreshed.
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 02:20 pm)
This weekend's haul:

  • Filled one compost bin, emptied and half-filled the next
  • Planted watermelon and rockmelon seeds - pumpkin planting will occur when I have finished weeding the patch of semi-wasteland which is the soon-to-be-pumpkin-patch.
  • Observed the flat-leaf parsley growing out of the leaf mould in said semi-wasteland. Said leaf mould was acquired from my parent's house, where they have parsley self-seeding not-quite-rampantly. Also observed some interesting white-leafed plant which I vaguely remember from their yard, but can't remember what it is.
  • Harvested an armload of rainbow chard
  • I has strawberries
  • Also another third of a bucket of peas to shell

Saturday there was a series of dance workshops, and then a dance party. I made an executive decision that I was only going to go to the last one, the aerials workshop, for reasons of energy conservation and safety. It was fun, but I overused my tummy muscles, and it hurts to laugh, sneeze, and breathe deep. Everything is crunchy, all my joints crack, my arms and back muscles are also protesting, and it was very worth it.

Yesterday there was finalising of tax, and sending thereof off over the internets. Five minutes after I had sent off Bastard's and was finishing off mine, Bastard walked in and found a mistake. I'd halved the results of an investment we made, assuming that it would be evenly distributed between us, having not fully read the blurb on the front page which said it had already been split and that was why we each got a copy... So there was downloading and printing of amendment forms from the ATO website, filling in thereof (surprisingly non-painful - including downloading and printing time this took maybe half an hour, and I was chatting via IM to another dancer about how much we hurt at the same time). They're in the post now. It'll reduce Bastard's refund by about AU$250. Which sucks, since the ATO gets more twitchy about not getting its money than about having to pay you more. I hope we don't get fined for this - we shouldn't, since they haven't paid us yet, and I referenced the relevant eTax lodgment reference number thingy, but they might.

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( Jan. 6th, 2007 11:19 am)
We just got a phonecall from Bastard's work, wanting to see if he can work tonight. The thing is, he's at work at the moment. He almost always works on Saturdays (and Sundays, hence why non-working day confluences are rare). The person calling had the roster right in front of them (they may or may not be in the same building, I don't know). And even if he were at home, not working today, it would be against his work's policies to get him to work today, because he's already scheduled for shifts on five days a week or more until the holiday period is over (at least), and according to their own rules, five is the maximum.

They are, however, getting better about calling at times when I'm already awake, instead of 6 or 6:30 am. And they do seem to check the roster (at least for the shift they need people for) before calling, we haven't been called up to see if Bastard can come in to replace someone else on a shift he's already working in a while.
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( Dec. 17th, 2006 12:01 pm)
It's beginning to look a lot like fishmen. Not as good as the Carol Of The Old Ones.

Wedding wrap-up:
  • Probably would have been a good idea to allow people to either list their allergies and so forth or have enough time to have a proper meal in between wedding and cocktail party reception. Yes, there were lots of nibblies and they just kept coming. But anyone Vegan or gluten-free would have been starving by the time the party broke up after midnight. I liked the cocktail party thing, the venue was good, the people were good... It was an hours drive away from Adelaide (and the wedding ceremony venue)...
  • The throwing of the bouquet. The whole point is a form of divination, not the passing of good luck. Since I met Bastard, I've caught the bouquet at about half the weddings I've attended (and can you all please stop bugging us to validate your life choices by following suit? Thankyou). Thus, passing the bouquet over your shoulder to one of your friends and not letting anyone else have a shot negates the whole purpose of casting the flowers.
  • Bastard's Mum was ill and probably shouldn't have been out of bed. She really shouldn't have been drinking. I don't know what drugs she was taking, but I bet they are one of the ones with the sticker saying 'do not mix with alcohol'. We dropped Bastard's parents and brother off at their house after the reception and she made a beeline for the bathroom.
  • I looked smashing. Bastard's brother had brought a suit so that Bastard could borrow it, and the pinstripes happened to match ;)
  • Bastard's cousin and her husband, one of m'sister's coworkers, brought their five-month-old. She is very very cute, with huge dark grey eyes and a habit of spitting up when she's tired.
  • The bubbly was very good. I didn't try any of the other drinks available. And then I danced with Grey-Eyes' dad who was not driving home either.

Performance tonight. Bastard isn't coming, and my parents are debating whether to come or to go enjoy themselves at Carols. Final rehearsal in an hour and a bit, so I should probably get dressed and run away.

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( Dec. 16th, 2006 11:56 am)
OK, so it was a thread about clothing and what we want out of it, and this guy mentioned that he has to wear special underwear because he's so 'big'. Now, as a small person, the whole concept of men wanting bigger bits is completely foreign, because it can be, quite literally, painful to contemplate. Is there anyone who can tell me wtf the whole thing is about? Or give me good comments to throw at this guy who annoys me with his attitude, random punctuation, and lack of paragraphing. This is the same guy who wanted to know why I was happy about the Statutes Amendment (Domestic Partners) Bill being passed in SA, and asked why in such a way as my immediate thoughts were:
  1. He's trying to see if he can get some
  2. If he can't get some because I'm gay, he's going to ask if he can watch

And that may not have been his intention, but he just comes off as a skeazy, arrogant prick who doesn't like being called on his shit. And almost every time he posts, someone calls him on it. The last thread he posted on devolved into a flame match wherein he accused friends of mine of sticking together and ganging up on him.

Next point of interest:
Cut for description which may squick arachnophobes )

I won the Wednesday night quiz again. Bastard appreciated the chocolates I brought home as a result. He's working his usual Christmas mayhem shifts, so not terribly enthusiastic about anything, even for him. One of his cousins is getting married this afternoon. I'm contemplating taking a notebook so that I can write down the names of those who ask impertinent questions which would be easily answered (without actually asking and pissing me off) if the questioner contemplated the nature of Bastard. It may, however, be too much like hard work.

The dress I eBayed for the event in question really looks like a bridesmaid's dress, so I have to gather the skirt up a little so that it is kilted up to show my Boots Of Doom. Must get around to that this afternoon.

End-of-year concert tomorrow. Anyone who wants to spend $18 and come see a whole bunch of modern music students can come to the Gov from 6:30pm. I've finally decided on Boots Of Doom and little tartan skirt, to be worn with something on the top of me. Quite indecisive on this one.

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( Dec. 5th, 2006 12:03 pm)
This morning I very carefully locked the doors, very carefully put the key in my handbag, very carefully checked that all the windows were closed, very carefully checked that the door was latched properly when I walked out... And realised that I had not (very carefully) picked up my handbag on the way out.

Some days I really think I should drink my coffee before I leave the house and ignore the fact that my tummy doesn't like it.

Fortunately, the new neighbours to the east of us were awake and have a phone book, as I can't remember Bastard's parents' new-ish number (it is, after all, in the phones' memories). So Bastard's brother, who is down from London to attend two weddings and catch up with many people in the meantime, wandered past with the spare keys and dropped me off at work on his way to his parents-in-law's house. I got garden watering done whilst waiting.

One of the tomatoes is nearly ready - the pear-shaped tomatoes I planted appear to be very early and coping very well on only hand-watering. The yellow one is probably over fruiting (must remember to get it again if they taste good) and the red one is the one that has an almost ready fruit (well, the label said they were early). The lemon tree appears to be setting fruit for the first time, the young peach has one fruit, the apricots ought to be harvestable starting within a week, and the old peach is happily beginning to drop unripe fruit. I really must clean out my parent's old juicer to use up some of the oranges on our tree - they last used it to make pate, and although they cleaned it out well at the time, that was something like twenty years ago and it's been sitting in the cupboard and then the shed ever since.
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( Nov. 27th, 2006 04:18 pm)
Add another to that list of bugs...

When you tell MYOB to print a report, it goes looking for a printer. If it can't find one installed, it pops up with a message saying that it can't find a printer and please go install one. When you press the OK button on this popup, MYOB goes looking for the printer again.

Obviously, the programmers never considered that MYOB would have a hissy fit at the spooler thingy, or the other way around, and that all your printers would be uninstalled earlier that morning, which fact had not reached the forefront of your consciousness until the moment where you wanted to shut MYOB down in order to restart the computer (which re-finds the printers).

Why is there not a button which says "Cancel"!!!
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( Nov. 13th, 2006 03:17 pm)
Heh heh.

Just had an argument (a long one, it took up half of lunch, then we broke to answer phones and stuff, then another half hour or so) with the Technician. I win ) Feeling good.

RTFM Rant )

Some of what's in the manual )

I also have seven jars of beetroot (pickled) sitting on the bench, and one of leeks (for which I took a recipe for pickled onions and crossed it with a recipe for pickled garlic, then adapted the result). My fingernails are stained burgundy at the edges. Bastard thinks that his Dad would also like to get some, though, so it's all worth it.

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( Oct. 13th, 2006 12:57 pm)
Yesterday I discovered that I can run for longer in a pair of formal shoes with, admittedly, quite a low heel, only an inch or so, than I can in my sneakers. Not that this means much, it was only 100m or so, but I can't make that in sneakers without needing to stop to breathe.

Of course, I've lost some skin over my toes due to this silliness, but it was too hot to wear closed-toe shoes to work yesterday, and we won't get a non-stinky air conditioner for another 10 days. Work has decided that we'll wait for a non-stinky air conditioner in the office rather than suffer the stinky. My desk was one of the cooler spots in the front office that has a glass portal to the outside, and it topped 30 degrees.

Sooner or later I must go outside to see what heat damage will be made worse in my garden this week.

Grandpa is still in hospital with his busted hip, but Dad is back in Adelaide. At bridge last night he was grumpy about his fishing trip having been cancelled, and his shirt being creased due to having gone through Grandpas' washing machine, but vaguely cheerful, even prior to winning both their matches, which I interpret to mean Grandpa is recovering as well as can be expected.
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( Sep. 17th, 2006 06:24 pm)
MYOB sucks the big one. The program usually isn't too horrible, it's set out logically enough, but this time they've gone too far!

M'Mum, being the legal goody-two-shoes with software that she is, bought a new copy of the program she uses when she got a new computer (spiffy laptop with fingerprint recognition thingy that she doesn't use). It's exactly the same as the previous version, except that the new version requires that datafiles be 'activated'. Requires. Unless activated, 90 days after creation files become un-editable.

The new version refuses to open datafiles from the preceding version.

This is where I spent a Sunday afternoon (Fathers' Day, sans Papa) at their house endeavouring to get some help from the MYOB website, and registering the software, because if I can do it and it involves the computers, m'parents will leave it for me to do, with the excuse that it's too hard for them. It's not, they've had enough training that this is well within their capabilities. And they wonder why I make myself too busy to visit them when I'm tired.

Mum prefers ringing up tech support, so that she can get some kind of help then and there. So the next day, being a business day, she does. After being on hold for 20 minutes, she explains her problem to someone, who says "I hear your problem" and, as near as I can tell, basically says there's nothing anyone can do and she'll send us a copy of the preceding software. The Mum rang me up at work to bitch. Fine, whatever, I can type while listening, so it's not a complete waste of half an hour, even if it's a Monday morning and, like Mum, I have a decent sized pile of stuff that needs to be done, and can't get done while the phones are going off, as they tend to do.

Today was my first free Sunday since then, so I went over to help Mum organise her papers again (that's a whole 'nother rant - I'm not the most organised of people, but I can generally lay my hands on the piece of paper I'm looking for. M'Mum has not yet learnt that personal stuff, like newsletters, and magazines, and medical stuff, and patterns, and WOOL, need to be in a separate place to what you're trying to run in a business-like manner. Intellectually, she's grasped the concept, but emotionally it's all too hard and an uphill battle. Thus, I have to sort through Stuff every time I try to help with the data entry for the accounts).

Anyway, having been at an expo in Melbourne this week where works' stand was next to a MYOB stand, I'd enlisted some help from the nice people with regards to Mums' problem. There were a couple of things I could try (they said), mostly based on finding a separate program on the Business Basics disc. Nuh. Wasn't there. Can't use something that isn't on the disc, people! The nice people were useful - they pointed out that you were more likely to get useful help using the website form, because the email respondants don't have to respond without having the time to look something up.

One uninstall new version and reinstall old version later, we can open the datafiles. Great. I'll get back to sorting the business stuff from the dross and entering it next time... In about three weeks
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( Sep. 3rd, 2006 11:05 pm)
Fathers' Day with my father... I get there, and get roped in, by him, to try and get a program I refuse to have installed on my computer do what he wants it to do (which is, if the help files tell me true, impossible in the way he wants it done). Then he went to the library, so I ate lunch and read his newspaper.
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( Jul. 13th, 2006 05:41 pm)

One day, this too shall end.

And on that day, I will not have to be anywhere, do anything, see anyone.

As you might be able to guess, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Cut for whiny, self-pitying arghs )

Anyone who needs me to do something more can get knotted. There are other capable people in this world, including yourselves, people! *sigh* Ask me after the ANC (bridge Nationals) - I'll be able to help you then. As long as it doesn't involve weekends, because that'll clash with worktrip, DanceMania, worktrip.

She-Boss is pleased; I've stopped wailing that the world is going to end. The shipment of packing peanuts arrived this afternoon. It's MINE! MINE! ALL MINE!

Oh, and my singing teacher has got in first with a response to the 'I want a guitar' wail. If there's anyone out there who hadn't got around to responding yet, I'm sorry.

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( Jul. 6th, 2006 01:13 pm)
Been meaning to update properly for weeks now, and been too tired, busy, and/or low on life-dice to do so. So here, in no particular order, is some of what I wanted to say, cut because there's a lot of it:
I have a lot to say... )

And a reiteration for those who didn't look behind the cut: I'm looking to purchase an electric guitar to practice on. If anyone has one they're looking to divest themselves of and can get it to me, I'm interested and can be contacted.



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