Due to Livejournal enacting the ability to cross-post your comments to other networking sites irrespective of the privacy settings of the journal in which you are posting them...

"If I find out that ANYONE is reposting things from my journal to their Facebook or Twitter, even if it's their own comments, YOU ARE UNCONDITIONALLY AND WHOLLY BANNED FROM MY JOURNALS AND ANY COMMUNITIES I CREATED AND MAINTAIN. There will be no second chances on this. My journals and my Facebook do not mix. Fuck that shit." (- ganked from [livejournal.com profile] ariestess via [livejournal.com profile] moonvoice)

IMO, locked posts are locked for a reason. There is no way to know how locked down a post is unless it's your own (which is as it should be). Anyone who is so disrespectful of my privacy as to use this 'feature' on my journal is not my friend. You get one chance with the privacy portion of my trust, and then it's gone.

The parts of my life that are connected to the disparate versions of 'me' on my journal(s) and on my Facebook are separate for a reason. Anyone who connects them for other people is not my friend, they are actively playing with my safety without my consent.
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