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( May. 17th, 2007 12:27 pm)
This morning I caught myself thinking "Yeah, it'd be a really good idea to wear that lovely white dance skirt that I need to alter before I trip over one of the trailing edges to work today. I know I never wear white, and I'd just get it grotty, but I really think that would be cool". Great. Warning: Hormone explosions of madness within 24 hours, this has been your last warning.

Gardening proceeds.

Dance routine has just reached the point of Costume Explodey. We had one last week. We have a different one this week. This may change before the weekend. I'm one of the people who is calm about this. Mostly because the first costume involved a dress which comes to my ankles and everyone else's knees. And showed off all the muscles in my arms (I looked like a really short guy with breasts in heels and a skirt in the video thingy we did at a recent rehearsal. Seriously). And really showed off the fact that I am comparatively non-curvy. Nice colour. I like the colour.

Organising things for Dancemania in August proceeds. [ profile] mabraham and another friend are having birthdays the weekend before, so I was hoping to go up to Canberra for a week, and then get carpooled down to Sydney for Dancemania, and get back to Adelaide from there. This involves either the flight which leaves Adelaide at six-something in the morning, or the flight which has a three hour (and forty minutes) stopover in Melbourne at lunchtime (on Friday 17 August). Would I be able to get out of the airport to a decent eatery to meet people for lunch and back in time? I would definitely be able to here in Adelaide, but that's Adelaide. I'd like input on this, please?
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( Mar. 16th, 2006 04:17 pm)
So, last night I went to the supermarket on the way home, because I was exhausted and not up to cooking much more than grilled sandwiches for my tea, for which I needed bread. Bastard wasn't home, he was at training by the time I got in. So I opened the fridge to put in the other things I got while I was at the supermarket,and lo and behold, there were bowls of Fud ready to be reheated in the fridge.

Because it was on the chore chart.


We put Bastard down for cooking on most nights that I work because he'd be cooking for himself before choofing off to training, and he wouldn't get Fud before training since by the time I've finished cooking after getting home, I eat at 8pm. I admit that I didn't actually expect that there would be any for me. So I did the dishes from his cooking while the Fud was heating up, and picked all my tomatoes.

My brain is still all "DUDE! You got FOOD! And you didn't have to cook it yourself or pay for it directly!"

In the meantime, I think I fell asleep at the table while at lunch. No one has said anything, so I must have woken up almost immediately, but this does not bode well for bridge tonight.


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