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( Jun. 15th, 2009 11:46 am)
There are itty bitty beetroot and rainbow chard and chervil seedlings popping up self-seeded in my garden :D And the spring onion seedlings I put in two weeks ago (not seeds; I'm sure < a href=>these are available, but I was lazy and picked up the seedlings which were at the place in the Central Markets) are doing well. The shallots I put in (from stock I bought a year or two back; they'd been slowly multiplying in one corner, and I dug them up to separate them and dig over that bed properly when they died down at the end of the season. Planted the surviving bulbs (can't remember how many, but it was between a dozen and twenty) to see if I could get more this year; I'll use these for seedstock for next year, and then maybe I'll have enough to eat some) haven't responded yet, but it's early days for them.

In the decorative part of the garden (one of the bits I haven't converted yet) we have flowering irises. In the herb patch we have mint desperately trying to get away from the oregano before it gets smothered. The patch where I failed to dig up the potatoes at the right time has resprouted; I should probably add more mulch to that (add to to-do list).

In the front yard, the jonquils, freesias, and alstroemerias (the photo at the top of the old-fashioned variety called New Zealand Christmas Bells, not the normal large ones found more frequently these days - I can't remember if I have the red and green variety as actually pictured, or the other old-fashioned cultivar Dad has, which is a pink one) are sprouting but not yet flowering. The roses have begun their winter flourishing, along with the thryptomene and camellias, and the wallflowers I planted the year we moved in are flowering.
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( Nov. 14th, 2008 01:50 pm)
While I still remember, I harvested garlic last weekend. 860g of it, from my front yard. Not too bad, considering the impoverished nature of the soil in which I sowed it.
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( Oct. 12th, 2008 12:25 pm)

Taking my morning tea break in the middle of mowing the lawns. I had let them overgrow significantly over the last couple of months, so they kinda need mowing. Then there's the weeds in other parts of the garden... Dad suggested just mowing the lot, but the spot he was suggesting that for has nothing like even ground to run the mower over, and my knee is still bunged.

Oh yeah, my knee. I bunged it up in classical 'me' manner.

Last weekend me and Not A Redhead and his girlfriend and kid went up to his shack in Port Broughton with his boat. The forecast rain did not eventuate until we didn't care if it rained anymore. There was fishing, crabbing, attempts at waterskiing (I think my feet need padding to stay in the skis, my ankles aren't strong enough to hold them at the angle to not rip themselves off), scrabble, dominoes, and no internets. Multiple mysterious battery failure, none of it fatal or dangerous, but certainly annoying. One of those batteries was the car battery as we were preparing to leave on Monday to go home.

So we pushstarted the car. I lost traction when it started rolling properly, and I chose to bung my knee up instead of my face. Fortunately I was wearing jeans so there was no gravel in there, but there was one hole several millimetres deep. My knee is still swollen and purple in some spots, but most of the bruising has gone to yellow, and the holes are filling in - I may not even scar, knowing me. I'm supposed to keep off it. I managed until yesterday - before the dance workshops I was definitely showing signs of withdrawal :P

Excess crabs from the crabbing went to various people. Apparently I'm the only person on that expedition who actively likes crabs, and we caught ~30 of legal size. Not A Redhead killed them and cut them in half, and I did the rest of the cleaning. There was a BBQ before class on Monday, so we donated crabs to that, I pinched some for my parents, Dance Teacher One grabbed a few, as did the gentleman cooking the BBQ. My Dad had this to say about the crabs (and the fillet and a half of snook that was left over from the fishes I caught and Not A Redhead cooked on Sunday), in a message titled 'Crabby Dad':

"Thanks for the crabs.  They were terrific.

 Dollop of butter.  Chopped up onion.  Glug of white wine for the cook and one for the pot.  Three egg tomatoes.  Leftover tomatoes from yesterday’s salad.  Leftover cherry tomatoes and capsicum from yesterday’s hors d’oeuvre.  Dash of chilli sauce.  Rats:  it was a new bottle and the dash was a dollop – c’est la guerre.  Pepper.  Why not some of this fish sauce stuff?  This is dry work:  glug of wine for the cook and one for the pot.  Simmer.  Glug of wine for the cook.  Throw the crabs into the pot and heat them with steam.  At last minute, throw in some tarragon, chopped oregano and parsley, then pour into our big candle heated dish (dish and its lid pre-heated in oven) and throw in some more parsley and oregano to garnish.

Serve with bread, butter and a towel draped down one’s front.

Still some sauce left?  Throw the snook in and steam on hot plate for a bit.

Clean up after Mum!

Love, Dad"

Must go do more mowing before Bastard gets home. His Dad is taking him to some home improvement show or something at the Showgrounds. I just hope that they check this time that stuff is OK with me first before Bastard's Dad goes ahead and does whatever Bastard said 'yeah whatever' to.

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( May. 18th, 2008 09:50 pm)
I planted over 100 cloves of garlic today, of a couple of different types. There is more to plant when I get up the enthusiasm again. Also, there was much weeding (compost bin and a half), planting of the three scented geraniums I bought last week (rose, nutmeg, and a variegated lemon), dichondra, and the chocolate mint, bronze fennel and german chamomile I bought this week. I noted that the beetroot I had given up on hoping it would germinate has begun to sprout, as has one of the peas or beans I thought were gone. The rainbow chard I planted this time last year is still happily growing (the ones that didn't bolt are determined not to, and how can I get seed from them if they don't?). The orange tree is covered in fruit, and the lemons are ripening. Yay!

Bastard and I are watching Shoot Em Up, it's hysterical. So far I have seen the 'good' guy kill two people with carrots. Now we are having the sex scene, started with baby food, finished with gunfight at the climactic moment. XD
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( Jan. 30th, 2008 09:28 am)
We have peaches off of our tree. I had one for breakfast. It was 9cm in diameter.
The Gardening Australia Expo is coming to Adelaide for the first time, February 29 to March 2, and one can pre-book tickets in groups of ten or more for a small discount ($10 per adult as opposed to $13 per adult). The ticket holders do not have to attend on the same day, and do not have to queue up to buy tickets when they arrive.

If I can get enough people who'd like to go to give me their names and contact details, I'll organise for group tickets. So contact me!

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( Nov. 3rd, 2007 08:23 pm)
Today's haul:
  • Semi-wasteland weeded
  • Filled up the current compost bin and most of the next one in rotation
  • Emptied the next compost bin in rotation before filling it - got Bastard's help moving the composted matter to what shall be the corn bed tomorrow
  • Gloated over onions growing fat
  • Also gloated over the two tomatoes ripening on one of the bushes I planted a short while ago
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 02:20 pm)
This weekend's haul:

  • Filled one compost bin, emptied and half-filled the next
  • Planted watermelon and rockmelon seeds - pumpkin planting will occur when I have finished weeding the patch of semi-wasteland which is the soon-to-be-pumpkin-patch.
  • Observed the flat-leaf parsley growing out of the leaf mould in said semi-wasteland. Said leaf mould was acquired from my parent's house, where they have parsley self-seeding not-quite-rampantly. Also observed some interesting white-leafed plant which I vaguely remember from their yard, but can't remember what it is.
  • Harvested an armload of rainbow chard
  • I has strawberries
  • Also another third of a bucket of peas to shell

Saturday there was a series of dance workshops, and then a dance party. I made an executive decision that I was only going to go to the last one, the aerials workshop, for reasons of energy conservation and safety. It was fun, but I overused my tummy muscles, and it hurts to laugh, sneeze, and breathe deep. Everything is crunchy, all my joints crack, my arms and back muscles are also protesting, and it was very worth it.

Yesterday there was finalising of tax, and sending thereof off over the internets. Five minutes after I had sent off Bastard's and was finishing off mine, Bastard walked in and found a mistake. I'd halved the results of an investment we made, assuming that it would be evenly distributed between us, having not fully read the blurb on the front page which said it had already been split and that was why we each got a copy... So there was downloading and printing of amendment forms from the ATO website, filling in thereof (surprisingly non-painful - including downloading and printing time this took maybe half an hour, and I was chatting via IM to another dancer about how much we hurt at the same time). They're in the post now. It'll reduce Bastard's refund by about AU$250. Which sucks, since the ATO gets more twitchy about not getting its money than about having to pay you more. I hope we don't get fined for this - we shouldn't, since they haven't paid us yet, and I referenced the relevant eTax lodgment reference number thingy, but they might.

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( Oct. 14th, 2007 11:10 pm)
Today's haul:

one punnet Green Zebra tomatoes
one punnet Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes
one (tube) Rouge De Marmande tomato
one (tube) Break O' Day tomato
one punnet Greek basil
one punnet of a white-fruiting eggplant whose name I can't remember right now (it's not Casper)
one punnet of an Italian heritage capsicum whose name I can't remember right now
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( Oct. 13th, 2007 10:33 pm)
Today's haul:

Almost a kilo of peas, shelled and in freezer
A dishrack full of beetroot, dug up, washed, soaked and de-mini-rooted, ready to be peeled, sliced, cooked and pickled tomorrow
Two bags of manure picked up from the local garden centre (I walk there and back with my trolley)
Snap peas, now finished, dead and dying plants removed
Tigerella tomato plant and mini chocolate capsicum plant also picked up from local garden centre, planted in newly vacated bed; other planting to follow
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( Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:44 pm)
I just harvested $3.50 worth of organic broccoli from my garden (~250g @ $14/kg, last week's price). I don't know how much there was of the peas, because they don't make it to the kitchen. Heck, they don't even make it to non-baby size.

I am full of win. And home-grown green things.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2007 01:30 pm)
As of Friday morning, my roses are bare sticks, a third the size, and I have a vaseful of rosebuds in the kitchen. There is also a wheelie bin of prunings to go out tomorrow for the greens bin pickup. And a decent sized pile of prunings (dead bits, non-productive bits, and shaping) from the apricot tree to go out next fortnight. Dad was very helpful.

As of Friday afternoon, we also have a new reverse cycle aircon/heater with remote control. We have not yet lost said remote control. This is a record of some kind.

This week at dancing we have Trampy visiting and taking classes. Next weekend will be workshops out the wazoo. Trampy is an itinerant dancer from Scotland, who travels the world winning things, teaching people, and getting people to pay him money to DJ at Ceroc events (and classes in larger places). It is teh yay.
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( Jul. 12th, 2007 11:32 pm)
Garden update:

I has broccoli. The first broccoli I've ever grown, and I'll be able to pick it some time really soon.
The peas have flowers, lovely white things.
The silverbeet of various colours is surviving. I think I ought to sprinkle stinky goodness upon them.
The beetroot continue to amuse me. I have three different varieties with which to torture Dad at Christmas. He loves beetroot, and he adored the jars I gave him of my very own homegrown, homepickled beetroot last year. I'm not sure whether he can cope with a jar of golden, and a jar of ringed/striped, as well as a jar of the traditional red (I put in two varieties of the latter, so we'll see how they go).
I still have a live eggplant. Stuffed if I know how, as it had a bad case of dieback after First Frost. It is still alive, though.
The first punnet of kale is thriving. I shall endeavour to remember to pick up a different variety this weekend, and install it in the prepared place. If I remember, this patch will result in the horrifying of Mother and delighting of Dad with a variation on sauerkraut later in the year.

I has hyacinths! No blooms, yet, but they keep popping up in places I'd forgotten about. I really must remember to separate them this year, I'd like to rejuvenate that soil for them.
I has johnny-jump-ups! They's flowering.
I has random fungi appearing everywhere.
I also has a small swamp.
I has freesias.

Jobs for Sometime Real Soon Now:
prune roses
prune camellias
prune apricot
prune geranium (preferably permanently)
prune bottlebrush
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( Dec. 5th, 2006 12:03 pm)
This morning I very carefully locked the doors, very carefully put the key in my handbag, very carefully checked that all the windows were closed, very carefully checked that the door was latched properly when I walked out... And realised that I had not (very carefully) picked up my handbag on the way out.

Some days I really think I should drink my coffee before I leave the house and ignore the fact that my tummy doesn't like it.

Fortunately, the new neighbours to the east of us were awake and have a phone book, as I can't remember Bastard's parents' new-ish number (it is, after all, in the phones' memories). So Bastard's brother, who is down from London to attend two weddings and catch up with many people in the meantime, wandered past with the spare keys and dropped me off at work on his way to his parents-in-law's house. I got garden watering done whilst waiting.

One of the tomatoes is nearly ready - the pear-shaped tomatoes I planted appear to be very early and coping very well on only hand-watering. The yellow one is probably over fruiting (must remember to get it again if they taste good) and the red one is the one that has an almost ready fruit (well, the label said they were early). The lemon tree appears to be setting fruit for the first time, the young peach has one fruit, the apricots ought to be harvestable starting within a week, and the old peach is happily beginning to drop unripe fruit. I really must clean out my parent's old juicer to use up some of the oranges on our tree - they last used it to make pate, and although they cleaned it out well at the time, that was something like twenty years ago and it's been sitting in the cupboard and then the shed ever since.
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( Nov. 12th, 2006 02:02 pm)
I'd like to heartily recommend what I think are Dutch Cream potatoes, for their shape-holding qualities. They'd been in the fridge for at least a couple of months, large, smooth, creamy, easily-peeled,  medium-dark beige potatoes. I made myself some soup-like stuff with the tops of the leeks I dug up from the garden this morning, the old garlic, some chicken stock, and the last of the bacon chunk (Barossa Fine Foods in the Central Markets sells their offcuts for $4.99/kg, every so often they'll have chunks of bacon which I am quite happy to take off their hands, especially Federation bacon ($17.99/kg sliced) - one chunk will do me a couple of weeks of cooking for two - I used about a third of the chunk today in the largest non-preserving pot we have), and I added three chopped potatoes two hours worth of cooking ago. The liquid has thickened, but the potatoes are still recognisably chunks. It's more a sloppy stew than a soup at the moment.

This afternoon I plan to bottle the leek stalks - it'll be an experiment, as the only preserving recipes I've been able to find which use leeks are Leek Compote and as an ingredient in a dill crock. I want to use them whole (the majority are as thick as my fingers), so the compote is out, and the dill crock recipe tells you nothing about how long the jar will keep. The leeks are currently in salted water until I decide what to use.

Other tasks for this afternoon include digging up and bottling the beetroot which I planted purely so that I could give Dad a jar for Christmas. I'm not really a fan, myself, but Papa will appreciate it, because he likes beetroot, and he can see the effort I'd take. I haven't had both time and energy since they matured, so I don't know how it'll turn out - some of them, at least, will be fibrously old.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2006 01:18 am)
This afternoon, I managed to spend some time in my garden. The large raised bed is now slightly more full due to the fine compost, cow manure, and gypsum I dug in, and the dirt has had seedlings and bulbs planted.

If I somehow manage to remember to water them regularly, there shall at some point, be:
  • beetroot
  • leeks
  • garlic
  • pretty-coloured kale

They're in the large bed that last held broad beans, which is good for they all like nitrogen, as well as each other. I must remember to put in a winter crop of peas somewhere on ANZAC Day. And I need to find something that'll cope with the semi-shade of the bed nearest the fence bed.

For persons who don't read vegetable gardening books as obsessively as I do, kale is to cabbage something like what radicchio is to lettuce. Same family, acquired taste. Even if I decide to not acquire the taste, the seedlings I got are supposed to turn out with pink or red new growth, instead of being purely greyish-bluey-dark-green. At least, I think that's what the tag was describing. The lady who served me seemed to think the pink bits were flowers, but kale only has flowers when, like lettuce, it has bolted and is no longer potentially tasty. The pink bits looked to me king of like the red bits of poinsettia. Mind you, she also thought that they weren't edible in any colour. Strange for a seedling found in the midst of other vegetable seedlings. Maybe she doesn't read the same books as I do.

One of these days I have to find me some Fat Hen or King Henry (both pre-spinach European greens). I've only seen them sold as produce in the Ventral Markets once (yay for Queen of Green), and have never seen seedlings or seeds. Tasty things, apparently easy to grow, and higher in nutritional value than spinach.

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( Nov. 12th, 2004 08:26 pm)

I spent some time this afternoon digging up some more of the hyacinths infesting the garden bed where I want to put tomatoes and basil this year. So far I have a bucket full, about half of which is promised to various people. Anyone who lives here want a couple of bulbs?

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( Nov. 3rd, 2004 11:10 am)

Last night, my SO was slightly upset. He had taken a shower with a redback. So he makes his usual annoyed comments about pigsties and how if I were tidier we wouldn't live in one. One of these days I shall get up the courage to retort "Why don't you pick up after yourself, then? Half of this is yours. Put the junkmail straight in the bin instead of on the floor. Don't leave your dishes in the loungeroom and expect me to pick them up. Do the dishes occasionally when I cook dinner. Then there wouldn't be a pile there waiting for you to wash them." If I cook dinner for the pair of us, I refuse to do the dishes anymore. If I'm cooking for just me, it's ok, I'll do it, but when I come home from work, tired, to find him asleep in bed, and cook dinner for us both because I need to eat regularly, I'm not going to do the dishes as well. And I'm not going to cook on grotty and greasy dishes when he doesn't realise that the grease in the water has overwhelmed the surfactants. Actually, I'm not sure that he doesn't realise, he may just not care that the bacteria in that grease is going to send it rancid (there is an example of this on the draining board at the moment - I can see that what was washed in the water before the pot in question contained meat and tomato based pasta sauce, probably with cheese). Then again, I'm a little fussy about things like that. When I can see grease floating on the surface of the dishwater, it's either time to change the water or add more surfactant.

And there are a lot of papers spread out over the spare room/computer room. It's just that I know that this is not the reason why we had a redback. The rain yesterday after the hot dry days recently is far more likely to have caused the spider to have moved to a more sheltered spot - ie in the shower.

And I'm not going to snipe at him this week. He HAS been doing the clothes (not the ironing, and stuff for ironing gets put in a heap in the clothes basket with everything else instead of being hung up immediately, but it's the thought that counts) and sanding the plaster that he filled the electricians' holes in the walls with several weeks ago, and he watered my new lemon tree this morning.

Next week, however, is a different story.

I keep wanting to put my mood as something other than the choices given. Can we add to those? I feel a research coming on...

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( Oct. 19th, 2004 04:20 pm)
I planted a chilli plant last week - made my SO take me to the hardware store so that I could pick up a few things, and wandered through the seedlings while I was there. I saw this chilli plant, the picture looked rather like the chilli I know as 'Fatalli', a small, long, thin, yellow one. The last time I had a Fatalli in my food, I used one, without the seeds, in a huge pot of curry. We used an entire 2L tub of yoghurt to make it edible, and I still couldn't eat much because it was too hot. I have half a dozen more in the freezer, waiting until I get the courage to use them in something.

Anyway, I planted this chilli plant. I hope it is even half as hot as the Fatalli. If it is, I'll save the seeds and grow many more plants to make lots of chilli vodka and chilli sauce etc next year.
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( Oct. 5th, 2004 11:38 am)
Some days, my tummy announces its displeasure at what I have decided to eat for breakfast before I eat it. Sometimes it waits until three hours later. Some days it waits only as long as it takes me to get to the point of brushing my teeth before running out the door.

Today was one of the last. At least I didn't have to brush my teeth twice this morning. And I have a pretty geranium sitting in my desk vase. It's amazing how well the white with pink centres in the top two petals goes with my black, red and gold "I can't bust this and I've tried" metal of some kind vase.

I'm thinking of growing one of these geraniums from a cutting so that I can rip out the ugliest one in my garden and replace it with this. It's a low-growing one (I think) and it is growing just down the road from work. There are a lot of pretty geraniums growing in the streets around here. Few in the gardens, but lots in the street patches of dirt. I guess that the people who planted them thought that they were one of the prettier really hardy plants.

The people who live in the area that I work have a fairly organised 'pretty streets' brigade - I used to live a couple of blocks from here.

Please Note: Lots of sticky tape is no substitute for picking a lump of bubblewrap that it approximately the right size.


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