Due to Livejournal enacting the ability to cross-post your comments to other networking sites irrespective of the privacy settings of the journal in which you are posting them...

"If I find out that ANYONE is reposting things from my journal to their Facebook or Twitter, even if it's their own comments, YOU ARE UNCONDITIONALLY AND WHOLLY BANNED FROM MY JOURNALS AND ANY COMMUNITIES I CREATED AND MAINTAIN. There will be no second chances on this. My journals and my Facebook do not mix. Fuck that shit." (- ganked from [livejournal.com profile] ariestess via [livejournal.com profile] moonvoice)

IMO, locked posts are locked for a reason. There is no way to know how locked down a post is unless it's your own (which is as it should be). Anyone who is so disrespectful of my privacy as to use this 'feature' on my journal is not my friend. You get one chance with the privacy portion of my trust, and then it's gone.

The parts of my life that are connected to the disparate versions of 'me' on my journal(s) and on my Facebook are separate for a reason. Anyone who connects them for other people is not my friend, they are actively playing with my safety without my consent.

From: [identity profile] elder-goddess.livejournal.com

What? People on LJ can repost locked posts or comments elsewhere?! Yeesh, yet another reason not to go near the horrors of FarceBork or Twit.

I'm well aware that anything anyone can see on the internet can be copied and reposted elsewhere, via crosspost/copy-paste/screenshot. But I assume - because ya gotta trust someone, sometimes - that my LJ-list people would respect me enough to ask first! And if I say no, to take that as a no.

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From: [identity profile] freyaw.livejournal.com

From my reading of it, you can cross-post your own posts or comments, but the privacy settings don't carry over to the other format. So I can crosspost this comment, and it will show up on Facebook with the title and body of this comment and a link to the original post.

From: [identity profile] elder-goddess.livejournal.com

That makes sense - presumably other 'social networking' sites use different parameters for their privacy settings.

I miss the Six Apart days, when Team Eljay wasn't frakking with everything on a weekly basis :-S

From: [identity profile] freyaw.livejournal.com

Problem is, the person whose post you were commenting on can't control whether you can crosspost or not. If you have it enabled, you can crosspost any comment you make to ANY post, including posts that are locked down with all comments screened.

From: [identity profile] elder-goddess.livejournal.com

Well, any of my personal friends can control what I do with my comments on their journals, because I'm unfashionably old-fashioned and have never reposted without permission!

From: [identity profile] freyaw.livejournal.com

That's some kind of lizard sitting on a cluster of tortoises of some kind. I stuffed with the colours. I use it for things I consider to be Clusterfucks :P

From: [identity profile] elder-goddess.livejournal.com

In that case, I'm declaring it to be Skink Triumphant :-)

From: [identity profile] reverancepavane.livejournal.com

Also, and slightly more dangerously, they've introduced pingback again, except the default case is "Yes" (Open) rather than "No." And since it is bidirectional, it not only notifies you when others link to your journal entries, but also when you link to others.

Default for any settings should always be no change to the status quo.

From: [identity profile] shadow-5tails.livejournal.com

Yeah, I'm unimpressed.

And judging by the 2000+ comments to that News post, I'm not the only one. Hopefully they'll have an official comment on the subject soon. *sigh*

From: [identity profile] silmaril.livejournal.com

It was entertaning, for some value of---I clicked on the link to page 38 of comments, which was the last one when I got there, and I read through just that page, and when I got to the bottom there were already links to pages 39, 40 and 41.

The DO NOT WANT is strong in this one.

From: [identity profile] silmaril.livejournal.com

It's funny---I posted a request in my own journal to the same effect first thing today, too, but I was much, much milder in my word choice. I am amused at myself for being so (maybe unnecessarily) polite.

This is stupid with a side of stupidsauce.

From: [identity profile] freyaw.livejournal.com

My problem is, basically, that the parts of my life that this journal and my facebook embody are separate - I don't know anyone who has found me from one to the other without being pointed at it. And there's real safety reasons for that; I don't need to deal with random dancers finding my profile here and being creepy or worse.

When it comes to my privacy, I see it as a facet of my safety, and when it comes to my safety, I'd rather have more control over it than less. What's out there is my choice.

And yeah, I feel a bit strongly about this :P

From: [identity profile] silmaril.livejournal.com

It got worse, when I thought about it a little: If the commenter has linked their LJ to FB or Twitter in the past, there's no way they can opt out of having the cross-post option available.

And if the commenter trained their muscle memory for commenting to "tab-enter," or "tab-space," which, who hasn't, then I can pretty much guarantee that they will cross-post at least one comment, by mistake, within this first day.

This is stupid.

(Ironically, I copy-pasted this from a reply comment I made in my own journal. Oh, and for your peace of mind, I am a "safe" commenter, since I don't have a FB and haven't told about my Twitter to LJ.)

From: [identity profile] freyaw.livejournal.com

:) I'm assuming that everyone here is a 'safe' commenter - but I did want to have this post out there to ensure that the rules were in place before I need them in the eventuality of anyone being unutterably stupid.
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From: [identity profile] trixtah.livejournal.com

I have dreamwidth invites....

And yes, I keep the FB and DW aspects very separate. VERY.


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