You're fighting a Goth Giant

You hit him for 53 damage. ZAP! SPLAT! WHACK! BARF! BARF! SMACK! BAM! BIFF!

Gobert butts him for 2 (+2) damage.

He grabs a nearby bottle of pills and swallows all of them, determined to end the pain inside of him by taking his life. He drops the bottle, then runs away. You read the label: "Super-powered Chocolate-flavored Laxative."

freyakitten: (petunia)
( Dec. 19th, 2006 05:06 pm)
I must have been playing too much Kingdom Of Loathing. I dreamed, earlier this week, that I was wearing a Filthy Dread Sack and it was a perfect disguise.
thingy )
You're fighting a Cookie-baking Thing from Beyond Time

This is one of the primeval, endlessly malevolent, fiendishly intelligent old gods from before time and space as we know it existed. Currently, it's employed making cookies for Linnea's Crimbo takeover. I guess it's a good way to pass the time between driving mortals mad with one peek at your frightful visage.

You get the jump on it.

There's even a little picture of a stick figure with a Cthulhoid head holding a cookie


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