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( Oct. 21st, 2009 10:15 am)
I'm vaguely creeped out at having dreamed of being entered into a very large bridge event without having been told about it - in my dream, the first I knew about it was when I turned up for my regular weekly game and it was partway through the third session and everyone was angry but no one had called me and my phone was on, I checked, so in my dream I was all "not my fault you idiots" and although they were still angry they didn't get on my case about it after that, and then I played brilliantly but I can't give you any details of the hands because unlike last time I dreamed of bridge, that was fuzzy. Also, my partner changed (from one person I don't play with due to style differences to a person I don't play with because they're in another state) in between one session I played and the next. Except the second session? They (the person I was playing with) were both at the table and not there (because they were in another state) and that existential uncertainty is what I'm pretty sure killed the illusion for me :P
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( Aug. 27th, 2008 01:06 pm)
Also a slight wtf: Have been emailed by responsible persons regarding the accommodation for the bridge stuff early this month. Because they think I didn't pay my share, for some reason. My bank account says otherwise, sadly. I don't know if this is something wierd or what, but I am pretty sure I checked that no one owed anything before I checked us out.

It's certainly interesting. I don't know if they're only getting to me now because I haven't been in to the club since and they expected to waylay me there, or if THEY just got hit up by the apartment, or if they've just failed to be organised.

Well, there's nothing I can do about it until I get home on Sunday, so I'll just laugh happily at the silliness of it all and start to choose an outfit appropriate to dancing tonight :D
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( Aug. 26th, 2008 11:56 pm)
I am fast coming to the realisation that, as a game, bridge is fucking hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Now, there are many people who will disagree with me, but right now the whole concept is ridiculously funny.

Mind you, so are an irritatingly large number of things. Right now, I am one huge bundle of laughter at this world, and I'm not exactly sure why. No, it's not the drugs, there are no new drugs.

There are a small series of articles running around in my head right now; What I've been able to articulate and write down so far seems to indicate that the recurrent theme is Trickster-y-ness and Y So Srs? And a few bits of interesting psychology.

I'm so glad I'm getting the chance to relax and rest and have Time.
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( Apr. 30th, 2008 11:04 pm)
I'm on antibiotics for another infection. Medical whinging and whining )

I am also slowly coming down with the cold going through dancing at the moment. It's taken a week and a half or so to progress from zero to being able to feel the effects in my throat (no singing lesson on Friday for me). Minor, but annoying.

While we're at it, a hand from last night which was the catalyst for some Issues loudly coming to a head between two of my friends.Cut for those who wish not to read the analysis )
I'm not happy about the situation, but I am happy with my staying outwardly calm through it - and having anger (with a spray of fear), instead of Rage or Fear reactions this time.

My new sim card ought to arrive soon, and I'm bidding on replacement phones.

Another plus thingy - I has Books, and there's two blankets and a quilt on the bed (with a third doubled over on my side) so I will be toasty warm when I get there.

G'night people, sleep well
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( Jul. 17th, 2007 10:03 pm)
Interesting looking at the results for the Australian National (Bridge) Championships, currently being held in Fremantle, WA. SA's Youth Team have lost only to Victoria, and are a little ahead of NSW, who have only lost to SA. They'll have another two full round robins before the Finals.

In the Women's, SA are placed third, with Queensland and NSW yet to play in the first of two round robins (they get more state teams than the Youth). There are certain psychological play traits showing up in the datums there - which I'm sure I would not be seeing if I didn't know the players (from various teams) in whom they're showing up, so far. *wince*

The Seniors' have Victoria and WA yet to play in this round robin, and have played the Bye (which Queensland and Victoria are currently trailing). I don't recognise the names of any of the players in the teams to which SA have had small losses (two of four matches).

Then comes the Open. SA is coming third, having lost to NT, with QLD and ACT (which [ profile] mabraham is playing in) to go, this round. They trail QLD and Victoria by 9.3 and 8.8 VPS, respectively.

Today's Bulletin also has the interesting note under the list of team members: "The names of all members of this team have not yet been submitted". OK, Colts Team, which is usually as many school-age Youth players as can get there and aren't in other teams, and can be anything up to twenty players in a very bad year...
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( Mar. 9th, 2007 09:13 pm)
Three words to describe the most memorable moment of the week (for me, that occurred to me):

Doubled Defensive Beer

Heh heh. Those words again: doubled defensive beer. Playing with someone who pays them. *grin*

The bidding went as follows:
Pass Pass 1C* /**
1D*** Pass 1NT^ Double
All Pass

* Precision, showed a hand that is 150% of average (where average is 10 Goren-style High Card Points - if you have one each of Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, that's 10 HCP)
** We had no systemic bid here to show what I had, but since I know that I'll get another chance to do something, I'm happy to pass and butt in later
*** This response to the 1C shows a hand that is 70% of average or worse
^ This showed a hand with cards fairly evenly distributed between the four suits, no five-card major, and specifically 15-16 HCP

I held:
AK, KJ9x, KQT7, QJx

And declarer was screwed. Dummy held not a single honour card, we racked up +800 when 3NT (+600) can go off.

Finals of the Women's Trials starts tomorrow. At 9:30 am. I am Not Amused.
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( Sep. 29th, 2006 04:43 pm)
In Perth to play bridge. This is the first time I've ever been to Perth, as the last time the Nationals were in Perth was six years ago or thereabouts and I was, at the time, in the middle of a lovely meltdown, and not playing bridge at all.

So. Perth. Playing with WA Redhead (no [ profile] whiteadelphi, not you :P ) and will have much fun. There is good wine to drink, and since there's no evening play, drunken SMSes to send ;> Funfun

But while I'm here, let me share the glories of Wednesday nights at the bridge club.

You hold x, AKQxxx, x, ATxxx or something similar. May have been 7/4/1/1, but I can't check because I'm not at home. Anyway, partner opens 1D (better minor) you bid hearts, he bids spades, you fourth suit force, partner rebids diamonds. You show extras in hearts, and partner raises. Goody. 4C, first round control. You cuebid your way to a frigid 25 point slam, and are the only ones in the A section to do so *puke*
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( Aug. 1st, 2006 08:05 pm)
Have a session off, this evening. Not feeling quite so crap as I have this last half-week or so - got some bug or other, or food poisoning, or something, and have had difficulty keeping down anything but plain salad since last Wednesday, but I woke up today feeling much better, and have eaten vaguely properly. No longer shivering and sweating like a pig by turns.

Go me. Hasn't seemed to do anything totally horrible to my bridge.

Re: The bridge. I've deleted and rewritten this sentence several times. Let's just say that, at the time of writing this statement, there are 6.5 more matches to go in the round robin of the Teams, and we're still unbeaten. I've seen some good things, and I've seen some poor things. And if the Seniors could please shut up as they squeeze past our table (table 3 in the Open room) to get out, that would be nice, thankyou. It would be very nice if there was a clearly visible funnelling aisle or something, but there isn't one, except for the one between table 1 and the Seniors, which isn't exactly bleedingly obvious, so there's nothing we can do.

Will now do the dishes, check my email and go to bed.

Have fun, everybody.
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( Jul. 29th, 2006 10:33 pm)
We came sixth in the Womens' Butler. Seriously! We lost to Schroor and Kaplan, who came first, we lost more to Driscoll & Greenfield, who came ninth, we lost by a little to Bashar & Moses (first) and Chadwick & Sharp (eighth), and lost by one to Weal & Yule (third) and had a wonderfully fun match against Lusk & Tully (draw, fifth). Actually, the match vs Weal & Yule was a riot - Weal & Yule are from New Zealand and were looking forward to holding up the bar as soon as the last board was finished and being confortably ensconced with decent red wine (or beer) by the time the scores came out.

Pairs was OK. Grumpy grumpy players oh no. Strange strange bridge oooh yeah. One thing I have to say is: if your opposition are playing funky att/count/att depending on the choice of lead, don't ask them what the lead means. Second board after sitting down this afternoon, we were not in the sensible contract of 3NT, instead being in our 4/3 heart fit, making because the trumps split 3/3 and LHO believed RHOs' signals and failed to cash before I pitched it. According to deep finesse, I should make anyway on this deal, but I fear that the clubs do not split 3/3 and so I wouldn't get a club ruff. Instead (poor south!) he lead a club when he could have cashed - into my AKJxx, so I didn't need to ruff them at all.
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( Jul. 25th, 2006 09:24 pm)
Two things:

1) Yay! We got into the third round of the Butler! Yay!
2) Mum, as of the end of the second round of the Butler, owes me another seven beers. Nine if we count the full value of:
3) Doubled defensive beer! *
4) The urge to pull my overshirt over my head and run around the table every time I score another beer card is getting nigh irresistable.
5) OMG OMG OMG we beat Sue Lusk & Therese Tully. Yes, they weren't having the best of sets, but it was a fun, friendly match which we won by 41 to 5 IMPS. I was so glad we weren't playing in the Open or the Seniors, there was this one board where Mum passed me out in my 4NT (Ace Ask - she'd opened a strong 2C, I'd accepted the game try, and was gearing up to look for Grand when she passed OoO. Datums in the Seniors and Open were something like 1200 & 1240 for that board, but only 220 in the Womens' so we still got +10 IMPS)

* You hold QT73, J4, AT97, J42, partner opened 1H, you bid 1S, I think LHO doubled to show the minors, partner bid more hearts, and somehow RHO ends up in 3D which you duly double and lead the ten of diamonds, run round to the Queen. I don't remember what happened next, but partner shows up with a second diamond and led it at some point, RHO putting down the King, which I covered and then plonked down the 9, smothering declarers' third diamond, the 8. Really, I'm stuffed if I remember the sequence of tricks, but we were vulnerable, they were not, and we took them for +1100, which I really liked as the best we can do on that deal is 3NT or 4H making 10, for +630 or +620.

Full deal; I was sitting south:
N: 84, AKT832, 42, AKT
E: K965, 965, KQ8, 875
S: QT73, J4, AT97, J42
W: AJ2, Q7, J653, Q963
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( Jul. 6th, 2006 01:13 pm)
Been meaning to update properly for weeks now, and been too tired, busy, and/or low on life-dice to do so. So here, in no particular order, is some of what I wanted to say, cut because there's a lot of it:
I have a lot to say... )

And a reiteration for those who didn't look behind the cut: I'm looking to purchase an electric guitar to practice on. If anyone has one they're looking to divest themselves of and can get it to me, I'm interested and can be contacted.

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( Jun. 15th, 2006 12:13 am)
Once again, partners' slightly less judicious (or less conservative, or whatever) bid(s) netted us a good result.

You hold: Q8, AK32, KQ652, T5

Partner opens 1D, you bid 1H, she responds 3C. Looking at this, you don't need much to be happy in slam, and game is definitely there, so you ask for keycards, hear 0/3, bid 5D, and pass partners' 6. We're, again, the only ones in the room in slam. A couple were in the not-making 3NT

Partner had 7, QJ5, AJT83, AK82, btw.

On later consideration, I should have bid this a little differently, but partner knew what I meant, and I knew what she meant, and we're all OK with that.
I played this weekend, here in Adelaide. On Thursday and Friday, I played with my mother in the inaugural Womens' Swiss Pairs associated with the Autumn National Open Teams (hereafter referred to as ANOT), and despite my inability to let my mother play more than two hands a match until the last one , and not having played together since August last year, we came 8th out of 26 pairs, and were the highest placed exclusively South Australian pair. Yay prize.

Then came Friday night, and the start of the ANOT proper. Our team (of two pairs) started out playing a team which included the husband of one of the members of our other pair The ANOT proper, I played not with my mother, but with someone from Sydney who I've played with in one other event, several months ago.

We had a blast.

Our team came 17th out of 56 (not bad for unseeded people who haven't played together recently (in my partnerships' case) or at all before (our teammates)!), and my partner and I, when scored as a pair against the average scores of the entire event came 10th.

AND I got a tentative offer of (minor) coaching , compliments from players I respect , played against people I wouldn't otherwise get a chance to play , and best of all, I had a really great time.

And now to start cooking dinner
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( Apr. 29th, 2006 07:42 pm)
You hold... )

Also, the flickering lights at the bridgeclub have not yet been fixed. As of Thursday, that means three flouros gone. The one next to the door has been going for over a week and a half now without replacement. I am Not Happy at the Housekeeping SubCommittee, and need to replenish the drugs in my handbag, lest I have none when tomorrows' migraine starts. I finished off all of Mums' drugs today.
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( Apr. 22nd, 2006 12:16 am)

How often DOES the bidding sequence 1D passed out lead to a top board? Even if partner had somehow managed to go off? Even if he'd managed to go off several?


We got a good result at bridge tonight.
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( Jan. 14th, 2006 08:39 am)
In Canberra. Awake. Play doesn't start for another 4 and a half hours or so, and I've been up long enough to have drunk half my tea. Still, having fun, even if awaked-ness is part of it.

So far, have taken photos of the men's and ladies' rooms in a restaurant, since they had small limbless nudes stuck artistically to the doors in place of words which might be misconstrued or something...
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( Dec. 11th, 2005 05:53 pm)

SA Youth Bridge Championships this weekend. Found it amusing. As an example of the amusingness, see the following hand (apologies to non-bridge players for the jargon and inexplicableness of it all)

You sit south... )

This hand kind of balanced the one where we took 1NTXX off for +1000, but our teammates were in 3NTXX for -2200.

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( Jul. 4th, 2005 10:46 am)
Well, some time over the weekend, we were informed the degree of subsidy from the bridge federation that we will be receiving in order to help us go to play bridge in three weeks time.

It doesn't cover the accomodation. And Mum and I were pretty cheap for CDB Sydney without staying at the YHA. Mum has booked accomodation, finally. Single room, within walking distance of all venues.

I'll try and persuade Mum to pre-pay the accomodation just so that I can walk up to the committee and say "Here are enough receipts to cover your subsidy. You'll get the rest of the receipts after we go." Mum probably won't, but at least I can try. The amount of the subsidy is, to be frank, insulting. It will cover either most of the accommodation bill (since we're somewhere cheap) or plane tickets, taxi in from and back out to the airport (assuming said taxi is shared between four) or petrol costs if staying with residents or public transport costs, and McDonalds three times a day. 

The SA team garments for this years' Australian National Championships have been selected for us. They've gone with a reversible sleeveless vest this time. Sizings have been taken.

Click only if you want to hear... )

Some day I shall convince them that fingerless gloves (impossible to play with fingered gloves) or scarves are a good idea.

End of rant. Finished now. For the moment.

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( Aug. 20th, 2004 12:48 pm)
I wore a suit to bridge last night. I'd finished work (new work!), treated myself to dinner at Ying Chow, and caught the tram without going home. The number of compliments I got on my appearance, were, in my opinion, silly. None of them took into account the fact that that skirt is damn uncomfortable, and the lining rides up if you walk for more than 2 minutes. By the time I got to the bridge club, the lining was bunched up around my waist, and it took way too much time in the bathroom to untangle it. As soon as I have enough money, I'm getting a suit or two made for me. That way, I won't be wearing a skirt that is supposed to end above the knee - and almost hits my calves. Or 3/4 length pants that hit my ankles. Or 3/4 length shirt sleeves that cut off the circulation in my biceps unless I get a size too large.

On the plus side, the one suit jacket I own fits well, and I can wear a (fitted) jumper underneath without any discomfort.


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