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( May. 23rd, 2008 09:44 pm)
Ow my throat is unhappy - not sore, just complaining. I had a double-length singing lesson today, and we've been working on chest voice (as opposed to head voice which is what I've always done, and can do all night). Today I got up to a C, a crappy C, but a C nevertheless, in chest voice. My last lesson I topped out at an A. So the muscles are complaining, after an hour of lesson plus the preceding warmup I did by myself.

I also have homework :P
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( Dec. 17th, 2006 12:01 pm)
It's beginning to look a lot like fishmen. Not as good as the Carol Of The Old Ones.

Wedding wrap-up:
  • Probably would have been a good idea to allow people to either list their allergies and so forth or have enough time to have a proper meal in between wedding and cocktail party reception. Yes, there were lots of nibblies and they just kept coming. But anyone Vegan or gluten-free would have been starving by the time the party broke up after midnight. I liked the cocktail party thing, the venue was good, the people were good... It was an hours drive away from Adelaide (and the wedding ceremony venue)...
  • The throwing of the bouquet. The whole point is a form of divination, not the passing of good luck. Since I met Bastard, I've caught the bouquet at about half the weddings I've attended (and can you all please stop bugging us to validate your life choices by following suit? Thankyou). Thus, passing the bouquet over your shoulder to one of your friends and not letting anyone else have a shot negates the whole purpose of casting the flowers.
  • Bastard's Mum was ill and probably shouldn't have been out of bed. She really shouldn't have been drinking. I don't know what drugs she was taking, but I bet they are one of the ones with the sticker saying 'do not mix with alcohol'. We dropped Bastard's parents and brother off at their house after the reception and she made a beeline for the bathroom.
  • I looked smashing. Bastard's brother had brought a suit so that Bastard could borrow it, and the pinstripes happened to match ;)
  • Bastard's cousin and her husband, one of m'sister's coworkers, brought their five-month-old. She is very very cute, with huge dark grey eyes and a habit of spitting up when she's tired.
  • The bubbly was very good. I didn't try any of the other drinks available. And then I danced with Grey-Eyes' dad who was not driving home either.

Performance tonight. Bastard isn't coming, and my parents are debating whether to come or to go enjoy themselves at Carols. Final rehearsal in an hour and a bit, so I should probably get dressed and run away.

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( Dec. 16th, 2006 12:02 pm)
And thankyou [ profile] freydis. Carol of the Old Ones
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( Dec. 16th, 2006 11:56 am)
OK, so it was a thread about clothing and what we want out of it, and this guy mentioned that he has to wear special underwear because he's so 'big'. Now, as a small person, the whole concept of men wanting bigger bits is completely foreign, because it can be, quite literally, painful to contemplate. Is there anyone who can tell me wtf the whole thing is about? Or give me good comments to throw at this guy who annoys me with his attitude, random punctuation, and lack of paragraphing. This is the same guy who wanted to know why I was happy about the Statutes Amendment (Domestic Partners) Bill being passed in SA, and asked why in such a way as my immediate thoughts were:
  1. He's trying to see if he can get some
  2. If he can't get some because I'm gay, he's going to ask if he can watch

And that may not have been his intention, but he just comes off as a skeazy, arrogant prick who doesn't like being called on his shit. And almost every time he posts, someone calls him on it. The last thread he posted on devolved into a flame match wherein he accused friends of mine of sticking together and ganging up on him.

Next point of interest:
Cut for description which may squick arachnophobes )

I won the Wednesday night quiz again. Bastard appreciated the chocolates I brought home as a result. He's working his usual Christmas mayhem shifts, so not terribly enthusiastic about anything, even for him. One of his cousins is getting married this afternoon. I'm contemplating taking a notebook so that I can write down the names of those who ask impertinent questions which would be easily answered (without actually asking and pissing me off) if the questioner contemplated the nature of Bastard. It may, however, be too much like hard work.

The dress I eBayed for the event in question really looks like a bridesmaid's dress, so I have to gather the skirt up a little so that it is kilted up to show my Boots Of Doom. Must get around to that this afternoon.

End-of-year concert tomorrow. Anyone who wants to spend $18 and come see a whole bunch of modern music students can come to the Gov from 6:30pm. I've finally decided on Boots Of Doom and little tartan skirt, to be worn with something on the top of me. Quite indecisive on this one.

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( Aug. 28th, 2006 04:53 pm)
I tried to post this last Tuesday, but failed. Didn't finish before I had to run off and do things, but I'm posting it now anyway. So there. 

My left-hand fingers are tingling and/or numb. I got absorbed in practicing last night and didn't notice how sore my fingers were getting until it was an hour later and time to go to bed. Still, I'm getting closer to being able to accompany myself on one of my favourite songs - I really should have picked something a little easier, though. Tonight I'll spend more time going though the song that requires two chords, A and G, (yay pop music) so that I can concentrate on strumming technique, and pack for the weekend. And download everything off my camera, find spare batteries, possibly eat dinner, air my sleeping bag, panic a bit...

Bastards' Aunts' funeral apparently went off alright. The family appears to be doing their usual laconic, uncommunicative thing (if you want to know about anything, you ask one of the in-laws. Said Aunt was one of the in-laws).

And now for todays' update:

Customer dude: Telling me your name and complaining about stuff to do with your credit card won't help me track the payment down. Firstly, I need to know the name of the company whose credit card it actually is. Secondly, most receptionists don't know that information anyway. When you ring a company, you are not going to get anyone else. Please tell me what type of person you want to speak to. Like, ask for A/c Rec or something. Whenever the person who picked up the phone and the person you need to speak to are one and the same, you'll give that person a fairly good idea of what your problem is, so that they can help you faster.

Dancemania this weekend went off. I have learnt a truckload and now just have to wait for it all to assimilate. Have also lost three quarters of a stone (4.8 kg) - there was not enough food available at any meal for me to maintain mass with the amount of exercise I was doing. It's not a horrible thing, since light (for me) meals meant I never had a full stomach at classes, but it's something I didn't need. And now I really need sleep - the evening danceparties finished at midnight and 1am, chatting and so forth then happened, and breakfast was served at 7:45.

Still on a high. Going to dance class tonight, even though my ankle is still weak, clicky and sore, and I probably shouldn't. Still, don't care; going.

Did I mention the high? I'm so enthused, it's not funny. When I can be more coherent, there shall be more postings.
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( Jul. 6th, 2006 01:13 pm)
Been meaning to update properly for weeks now, and been too tired, busy, and/or low on life-dice to do so. So here, in no particular order, is some of what I wanted to say, cut because there's a lot of it:
I have a lot to say... )

And a reiteration for those who didn't look behind the cut: I'm looking to purchase an electric guitar to practice on. If anyone has one they're looking to divest themselves of and can get it to me, I'm interested and can be contacted.

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( May. 19th, 2006 08:51 pm)
Today's yay moment:

At my singing lesson, working hard on a difficult piece we started for the first time today. Fumbling entries due to tiredness and threatening headache. Finishing the lesson with a full runthrough for the purpose of having it picked at. Ending the piece to stunned silence, then "I couldn't find anything to criticise, even if I tried" from my singing teacher.

I'm getting better at this.


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