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( Jul. 20th, 2009 11:51 am)
There is an event for which I am going to be dressing up as Tonks :P Theme for the event is 'Superheroes and Villains' and there is just no such thing as an easily recognisable female outfit fitting the theme that doesn't require me to wear something incompatible with dancing all night - my options are mostly wigs, pvc, or pleather. So there's a group of us going Harry Potter themed, and I grabbed Tonks. I have a trenchcoat I can pretend is the right shape with the right collar, whether I choose the black coat or the maroon coat outfit, and the rest is fairly easy - I need to acquire danceable combat boots and fingerless bike gloves, but those should be fairly easy. But the hair, oh the hair...

So I've been searching for hair stuff. The Manic Panic DyeHard stuff in Electric Flamingo would do what I want, but I find myself with a yearning for hypercolour hair... So I turn to my friendslist. It should be available in a gel or similar, but I can't find a commercially available product, just the patents. And I'm not confident mixing the stuff from what pigments I have seen, as they seem to need high temperatures to activate the hypercolourness.

I just want to walk into the venue and have my hair change colour :P If it's available, that is - the Manic Panic Dyehard stuff is so I'll order some in case I can't find hypercolour stuff (also so I can consult with my hairdresser on the best things I can do to support my hair under the gel).

Also, feel free to post your favourite links to pictures, I'm having issues finding one with enough detail of the pants (in either costume, maroon or black coat) to fake them, and I'm going to need to as that coat WILL be coming off while dancing ... :P
This is why. This was not the first time I'd attempted this aerial with Bastard, and certainly NOT the first time I'd been caught by Teacher One. Hence Bastard laughing his head off. Mind you, he had a huge bruise on his thigh from the mounting method for this particular aerial...

For those who want to know, this is the Holly And Allan aerial where the lady hops up to sit/balance on the guy's shoulder, one leg in front and one behind, facing his head. Then spins and is spun so that she falls off and is caught in a pose by the guy on the guy's front (preferably at chest height). Doing this particular aerial with Bastard, I seemed to balance leaning backwards, so when I spin I lose stability, over correct, and go *splat* forwards. At which point Teacher One got a bear hug.

This aerial is much easier with Not A Redhead.
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( Sep. 30th, 2008 09:10 am)
I achieved a freestyled Halfway Round The World after class last night (together with Not-A-Redhead). I am INVINCIBLE!!

Also, Teacher One and Teacher Two competed in a competition held by a company in Sydney and came second in their Freestyle category. They stated that they were very very happy with second, as coming first would have meant being shoved up into the next higher category to compete against all their idols.
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( Sep. 1st, 2008 04:47 pm)
Back home, after a lovely trip. Acquired what I think is a sinus infection while I was away. This, combined with my horrible habit of forgetting when I'm excited, means that I have practically no voice right now.

Also acquired significant blistering on both little toes (one has lost all the skin, the other hasn't shredded yet), and lost half a stone (a touch over 3kg - last night when I got home I was a touch under 8 stone (111.5 lb or 50.5kg), which explains why my dance pants were a little baggy yesterday on the plane). Routine went fabulously, I had many compliments, I pulled off ganchos (a tango-styling thing) in a lady play, and did I mention the compliments? I'm very happy, the teaching people who were there over the weekend (people I respect like whoa) complimented things like my balance and responsiveness to lead, the important stuff - and the former is something I've just not ever had much of, traditionally. My inner ears had to sensitise before they could desensitise to the spins. Everyone complimented the timing, and the routine itself. We put me and Baby Giant front and centre because the other two couples were more even in height and height difference (I'm the shortest of us all, and Baby Giant is the tallest and largest). Also, I'm the only redhead (well, at the moment I am) in a sea of dark blonde and medium to light brown hair (although I think one of the gentlemen is currently brunet).

Am thinking vaguely of never flying again. The plane back was delayed by an hour. Wasn't cancelled this time, though, which was good.

Still buzzing, although not as much as previous years, for which I blame the sinuses. There may or may not be video, but there will certainly be photos at some point. Including one of me pointing directly at the video camera next to the camera taking the photo (pose position involved pointing at the audience) :D
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( Aug. 18th, 2008 05:15 pm)
Finished off [ profile] mabraham's birthday present last night. There will be pics of teh craftyness when he's got it. I don't actually expect him to read this before he gets it, but just in case, I shan't say any more except to say that it looks a lot better than I expected, it is larger than I anticipated when planning it (but should have figured that, given that it's really hard to do the embroidery I planned in the layout I planned on the fabric I planned with the thickness of embroidery thread I used (three strands, could have done fewer, but I like the thick lines) any smaller), and the seam at the top is uneven, but it's fur so you can't tell unless you're looking.

Dancing continues apace. We're working heavily on the over-rotation issue I have coming out of all the spins in the routine. Also, I have too much momentum getting up into the Supergirl aerial, and I need to fix that because it feels like I'll overbalance down Baby Giant's back. Getting the kicks at the right angle, though, and fixed most of the hand placement issues that didn't involve over-rotation. Which is good. We're at performance standard, although not perfect.
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( Aug. 10th, 2008 02:00 pm)
I is home after week's bridge on Gold Coast. I is also pooped, and throats is achy (not singing parts of throat, swallowing parts of throat). Lost two kilos. Succeeded in both aims for this tournament - have fun, not come last.

Went to dance class up there on Tuesday night and had really really good time.

Will finish coffee shortly and be more coherent.

Is slightly disoriented by the lack of ubiquitous wave noises.
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( Jun. 10th, 2008 04:58 pm)
Some photos from this weekend's dance championships (to which I didn't go) highlighting two of my teachers:

In position to start a Backhander of some kind
Posing for the judges before the final of the Advanced Freestyle
She's about to get bounced in a drop position - I know this move, they've practised it a lot to get it smooth and safe; at full extension, she'll be parallel to the ground, but they'll bounce off of the extension point and go straight into something else

And these guys are coming to Adelaide to teach a set of workshops in five and a half weeks and I'm so very very excited. Allan won both first and second in the routines, I'm told, although I couldn't tell you whether his routine with Holly (pic from DWAS, I believe, she's dancing with a teacher from somewhere else which datapoint I can't remember right now), or this routine did better. The official results aren't up yet, AFAIK.

Over the weekend I sorted my wishlist into several wishlists which will be easier for my family to print out and take into shops. It had reached 33 pages, and that's just the public one that my family have access to. Now there is a fiction, non-fiction, music, DVD & video, household stuff and toys (which includes various figurines, a couple of boardgames, brewing gear, an Eee, and kitchengear), and an unsorted list. I'm considering a separate category for comics, graphic novels, and artbooks. Which they are extremely unlikely to choose to purchase on my behalf, but of which there are enough that they can have a category.

Oh, and I helped teach Intermediate at dance class last night (in subsidiary role) - I've had feedback from several people saying I did well, especially having had neither preparation nor warning.
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( May. 7th, 2008 04:20 pm)
This afternoon, I stabbed myself in a finger with a cupboard. This is not the silliest thing I have, in my inattention, done to myself recently, since I sliced a finger on a 50 year old (blunt) doorframe on the weekend. Neither is serious, just a small chunk of skin gone - and only the slice interferes with my ability to play bridge. Oh and there's also the scratches I gave myself with my dance bag last night.

Right now, I fear shaving my legs for the dance demo on Friday (6pm, in the mall, come see me in ripped shortshorts :P )
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( Feb. 26th, 2008 11:21 pm)
My balance point for the Supergirl aerial feels like I gave myself a bone bruise practicing - it's not, it's muscular, but ouchy. Also, I'm starving of teh hungers and I should have been in bed hours ago.

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( Jan. 11th, 2008 03:20 pm)
One of my bridge partners has left a message on my phone asking if I want to play in a particular one-night-a-week-for-six-weeks event.

I'm seriously tossing up on this one. I like playing with this lady, but I usually play with her on Thursday nights, in the bigger competitions, and that's a dancing class night. Also, I'm seriously considering giving up bridge altogether (except for trips interstate, because they have much nicer people there than at my local club. Not that there aren't nice people at my local club, but on the competitive nights... Well, we don't screen out or ostracize people who don't play nice. So the vast majority of my favourite bridge players live interstate). I don't enjoy it enough to compensate for the fact that I don't really have a group of friends at bridge, certainly not enough of one to compete with friends at dance class. Mostly the people I talk to at bridge are so far out of my age group that there's no point in thinking that I might get invited to anything outside. Except for my bridge partner, and a couple of isolated incidents amongst the Youth (one in... 1996 or thereabouts, a couple in 2000, 2001-ish, and one in... 2003? 2004?, that's what I can remember), no one ever has reciprocated.

So I have a dilemma. I really want to dance as much as possible. But I'm feeling obligations.

On the dancing note, the sore muscles from last Sunday's routine workshop are finally going away. Just in time for me to get more this Sunday.

And we finished off after class last night with a swim at a fellow dancer's connections' pool (don't ask me how they're connected, this is Adelaide), and I've had twelve hours sleep. I feel almost human-like again. Certainly refreshed.
The antibiotic ointment for my eye still tastes foul, but the second excising of yucky things went well - the doctor was not optimistic when I went in, but I argued him into trying again on the one that was too spongy, apparently, the first time to excise properly, and I was rightTMI cut ), so all is goo. D. All is good.

And it was all over fast enough that I was untraumatised enough to give a good accounting of myself at dance class on Thursday. Two hours afterwards. With eyepatch and tape over half my face. Balance uncompromised, just lower endurance, and blind on that side, so I ended up just dancing with both eyes shut for a lot of freestyle. Also sat out close to every second dance so that I could hydrate extensively since I appeared to need it.

Rehearsals for dancing stuff proceed apace. There shall be a demo in Rundle Mall on Friday at 6pm or thereabouts for anyone interested. Teacher One and Teacher Two are picking on little unimportant things during practice since we (me and Not-A-Redhead) have very little else that they can pick on.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2007 09:58 am)
Last night after he came to bed, Bastard mentioned that he was really having fun at dance class.

This is the laziest martial artist in the world, a guy who refuses to dance because he hates it, and who tends not to exercise because it's too much like hard work. A guy who sees nothing wrong with eating a bag of lollies for lunch. He's enjoying it because he's learning something new. But still...

The assimilation process proceeds...
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( Nov. 16th, 2007 02:56 pm)
I love hot weather.

Went to dance class last night, in the un-airconditioned venue, danced for three hours (with frequent pauses to gulp more water, and then get back up), then still had energy so went to a pub (frequented by Ceroc-ers after class) and danced until the band gave up for the night.

We were on FIRE.

Smooth, flowing, for another three hours. I had several aerials led on me, including incredibly smooth Ferris Wheels. It just flowed and flowed and the movement was all there was...

Gods, I love dancing.
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 02:20 pm)
This weekend's haul:

  • Filled one compost bin, emptied and half-filled the next
  • Planted watermelon and rockmelon seeds - pumpkin planting will occur when I have finished weeding the patch of semi-wasteland which is the soon-to-be-pumpkin-patch.
  • Observed the flat-leaf parsley growing out of the leaf mould in said semi-wasteland. Said leaf mould was acquired from my parent's house, where they have parsley self-seeding not-quite-rampantly. Also observed some interesting white-leafed plant which I vaguely remember from their yard, but can't remember what it is.
  • Harvested an armload of rainbow chard
  • I has strawberries
  • Also another third of a bucket of peas to shell

Saturday there was a series of dance workshops, and then a dance party. I made an executive decision that I was only going to go to the last one, the aerials workshop, for reasons of energy conservation and safety. It was fun, but I overused my tummy muscles, and it hurts to laugh, sneeze, and breathe deep. Everything is crunchy, all my joints crack, my arms and back muscles are also protesting, and it was very worth it.

Yesterday there was finalising of tax, and sending thereof off over the internets. Five minutes after I had sent off Bastard's and was finishing off mine, Bastard walked in and found a mistake. I'd halved the results of an investment we made, assuming that it would be evenly distributed between us, having not fully read the blurb on the front page which said it had already been split and that was why we each got a copy... So there was downloading and printing of amendment forms from the ATO website, filling in thereof (surprisingly non-painful - including downloading and printing time this took maybe half an hour, and I was chatting via IM to another dancer about how much we hurt at the same time). They're in the post now. It'll reduce Bastard's refund by about AU$250. Which sucks, since the ATO gets more twitchy about not getting its money than about having to pay you more. I hope we don't get fined for this - we shouldn't, since they haven't paid us yet, and I referenced the relevant eTax lodgment reference number thingy, but they might.

  • [ profile] mabraham's present
  • Spotted Kitten's present
  • Bottles of Grog
  • Check that a sub has been arranged for bridge
  • Move podiatry appointment
  • Buy socks
  • Mend/alter clothes in mending basket
  • Find/buy gloves
  • Wax
  • Mend jacket
  • Acquire SD card
  • Chocolate frog
  • Email various people saying I'm going to be in town
  • Dye hair
  • Clinic checkup
  • Cancel singing
  • Order contacts
  • Pick up contacts
  • Iron shirts
  • Worksuit drycleaning
  • Pack
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( Jul. 24th, 2007 01:57 pm)
Ladies and gentlemen, it is winter in Adelaide. Today is a lovely, sunny, warm, blue-skied winter's day, a nice break from the colder-than-usual winter we've had so far. It's currently 21C outside. This is higher than the forecast maximum for London today, where they are having summer.

Yep, I'm staying right here. Right here.

In other news, last night's class was great, except for the bit where I had to tell a half-dozen leads in a row that the move being taught wouldn't work unless they got out of my way. The move involved the gentleman turning around to wrap the lady to the other side of him, and none of the gentlemen was watching where the Tramp put his feet, so were travelling in the opposite direction, under the impression they were rotating on the spot (as the move was (unintentionally) described - different use of words than what we're used to, I think), and in one case told me off for not going to the correct side (for the technique). I pointed out that they kept stepping where they were trying to lead me to step. I am NOT going to try and figure out how far a guy is going to travel, which is necessary to pick the right angle at which to move in order to be not bumped into. Being led straight forward does not mean that I am going to move to my right just because that's the side of the gentleman I'm supposed to end up going down. That is bad technique if I do, and the gentleman who told me off is good enough to know better, even though he was feeling ill. Actually, all the guys I had to ask to get out of my way by travelling in the other direction were good enough to know better. It feels strange to keep saying to gentlemen who have been dancing longer than me to "Look at his feet! That's how it works! It doesn't work if you don't get the feet right!" But the guys who weren't (leading me to smoosh) were watching and not assuming that the words used were enough to get the concept across.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2007 01:30 pm)
As of Friday morning, my roses are bare sticks, a third the size, and I have a vaseful of rosebuds in the kitchen. There is also a wheelie bin of prunings to go out tomorrow for the greens bin pickup. And a decent sized pile of prunings (dead bits, non-productive bits, and shaping) from the apricot tree to go out next fortnight. Dad was very helpful.

As of Friday afternoon, we also have a new reverse cycle aircon/heater with remote control. We have not yet lost said remote control. This is a record of some kind.

This week at dancing we have Trampy visiting and taking classes. Next weekend will be workshops out the wazoo. Trampy is an itinerant dancer from Scotland, who travels the world winning things, teaching people, and getting people to pay him money to DJ at Ceroc events (and classes in larger places). It is teh yay.
Well, that was a demo of demo-y-ness.

An enjoyable event, obviously much liked by the attendees. Most of whom were a little tipsy by the time we got our turn - the drinks available for purchase had progressed from champagne to cowboys. The venue was packed, and scented, near the stage, with chocolate fountain. Near the back it was mostly floral (rose based) to go with the massage tables. Some of the jewellery stands had nice things that tempted me to look at the price tags, but not to buy. The routine worked OK, despite the distinct lack of good dance floor. My lead started a little fast (he was having difficulty hearing the music), but I was able to take one of the early spins very slowly and get us back into the right timing, and in the freestyle, I hijacked where appropriate to give us good endings, so overall we gave a very good impression.

The demo team liked the birthday pie I brought (the same as the lemon tartlet recipe, but orange, with couverture drizzled thickly over the top).

Now it is time for me to get ready to go out, and LJ is undergoing maintenance YAY.
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( Feb. 28th, 2007 07:09 pm)
Shouldn't have gone to dance class last Thursday; Realised this when my calves spent the first freestyle intermittently cramping. Being me, I figured that, whether I ignored them or not, the cramps were going to do what they wanted. And they did. Intermittently. Yay.

Probably should have refused all dances at M'lijn's farewell party on Saturday, but I was wearing flats, so the unhappy soft tissues weren't inconveniencing me too much. And I got to hold her three and a half week old child which was cool. Her husband got a little nished and talked a lot.

Probably shouldn't have gone to dance class on Monday, either, but I did good at my first real attempt at leading. And then I sat down.

We will be flushing blood lactate forever at this rate. Damn stuff is causing random twitches, aches, restlessness, and cramping in any muscle I stretch during use. I'm also getting really short-tempered, and frequent dizzy spells. And yet I still go to class.

Well, I never said I was sane.
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( Aug. 29th, 2006 11:24 pm)

Amongst other things, I'd like to say that in Intermediates last night, we did some moves that I remember from the weekend. And some variants on them.

Yes, that was Intermediates I said.

This weekend, I was in Beginners, but I danced with my local Instructors in between dancing with new people and old friends, and it seems at least one of them was ticking off a checklist in his head, rather than resorting to the checklist on my progression card thingy which I think still has just my name on it and nothing else, and when I was going to trot off to Progression he pointed back the way I had come... Speaking of new people, I got to dance with a few of the weekends' Instructors during the weekend (especially during the final danceparty), using some of the new things I learnt. Since my favourite classes were 'Close Moves' (both classes thereof) and 'Lady Plays and Styling' you can probably guess what fun I was having ;P *snh snh snh*

Also: Solar heated pools are fun to horrify people with your willingness to immerse yourself therein at stupid o'clock when the water is frigid, and the air's not much better.

Anyway, now I know more of the locals, the ones who come to classes when I'm at bridge. I wonder if any of them are Spirallers? Somewhere between half and three quarters of their current playlist is cerocable. I just listened to 'Magick' and found myself thinking about what would fit to the music where. Specifically, there was something in one of Nitzan and Sarahs' classes that would be perfect for the ending.

At class last night, it appears I was the only one with energy who went to Dancemania. Given that I still haven't really come down yet, but I'm starting to crash, and fall asleep. Getting quite cranky. Managed to hit myself in the face with some packing cardboard today at work, trying to get the stuff down from the shelf that is just out of reach (I could swear that the last time I had to get these things down, they were on a lower shelf). The ladder is just too big for me to comfortably carry the five to ten metres from storage area to shelf. Cranky Freya. Realised I'm going to have to get one of the nosepieces in my glasses replaced. Having got hit in the face, I had to readjust said nosepieces so that my glasses would fit, and saw the reason that one divot in my nose has been deeper and redder for the last month or more. Bloody thing is cracked.

Anyway, songs I now have an urge to see choreographed, in no particular order, save that in which they came up on my playlist:
'Four Letter Word', Chocolate Starfish
'Bleed Like Me', Garbage
'Rush', Big Audio Dynamite II (difficult to do the bridges in the middle)
'Kiss My Fire', Chocolate Starfish
'Numb', Pink
'Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me', U2
'Underground', Ben Folds Five
'Mutter', Rammstein
'Give Me Something To Sing About', from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling (complete with crazy music interlude bit where Buffy is trying to dance herself to death - only problem is, the song doesn't end, it drifts off into oblivion)

There's more, but I need to sleep. Goodnight, all. Sleep well, get well, stay well, insofar as that is possible.

ETA: Add 'Numb' by U2 to that list. I just had some horrible horrible thoughts >.<



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