There are itty bitty beetroot and rainbow chard and chervil seedlings popping up self-seeded in my garden :D And the spring onion seedlings I put in two weeks ago (not seeds; I'm sure < a href=>these are available, but I was lazy and picked up the seedlings which were at the place in the Central Markets) are doing well. The shallots I put in (from stock I bought a year or two back; they'd been slowly multiplying in one corner, and I dug them up to separate them and dig over that bed properly when they died down at the end of the season. Planted the surviving bulbs (can't remember how many, but it was between a dozen and twenty) to see if I could get more this year; I'll use these for seedstock for next year, and then maybe I'll have enough to eat some) haven't responded yet, but it's early days for them.

In the decorative part of the garden (one of the bits I haven't converted yet) we have flowering irises. In the herb patch we have mint desperately trying to get away from the oregano before it gets smothered. The patch where I failed to dig up the potatoes at the right time has resprouted; I should probably add more mulch to that (add to to-do list).

In the front yard, the jonquils, freesias, and alstroemerias (the photo at the top of the old-fashioned variety called New Zealand Christmas Bells, not the normal large ones found more frequently these days - I can't remember if I have the red and green variety as actually pictured, or the other old-fashioned cultivar Dad has, which is a pink one) are sprouting but not yet flowering. The roses have begun their winter flourishing, along with the thryptomene and camellias, and the wallflowers I planted the year we moved in are flowering.
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