There is an event for which I am going to be dressing up as Tonks :P Theme for the event is 'Superheroes and Villains' and there is just no such thing as an easily recognisable female outfit fitting the theme that doesn't require me to wear something incompatible with dancing all night - my options are mostly wigs, pvc, or pleather. So there's a group of us going Harry Potter themed, and I grabbed Tonks. I have a trenchcoat I can pretend is the right shape with the right collar, whether I choose the black coat or the maroon coat outfit, and the rest is fairly easy - I need to acquire danceable combat boots and fingerless bike gloves, but those should be fairly easy. But the hair, oh the hair...

So I've been searching for hair stuff. The Manic Panic DyeHard stuff in Electric Flamingo would do what I want, but I find myself with a yearning for hypercolour hair... So I turn to my friendslist. It should be available in a gel or similar, but I can't find a commercially available product, just the patents. And I'm not confident mixing the stuff from what pigments I have seen, as they seem to need high temperatures to activate the hypercolourness.

I just want to walk into the venue and have my hair change colour :P If it's available, that is - the Manic Panic Dyehard stuff is so I'll order some in case I can't find hypercolour stuff (also so I can consult with my hairdresser on the best things I can do to support my hair under the gel).

Also, feel free to post your favourite links to pictures, I'm having issues finding one with enough detail of the pants (in either costume, maroon or black coat) to fake them, and I'm going to need to as that coat WILL be coming off while dancing ... :P

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Any chance there'll be UV lighting at the venue? Because while I've never seen colour-changing hair dye, this stuff is pretty nifty.

If wigs were an option, I'd suggest carrying a couple of spares and changing throughout the night. But I've seen your dancing, so I can understand why that wouldn't work. *wry smile*

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I have ordered some in pink :D I'm thinking I'll use the Manic Panic Dyehard Electric Flamingo in combination with the pink I-Glow - the Manic Panic for base colour and the I-Glow for highlights (as the I-Glow seems like it doesn't have a base colour).

Thankyou very much for the pointing out of goodies :D

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You're welcome.

You went for pink-on-pink? I'll confess part of my thinking was that that would give you one colour-change, at least (the I-Glow doesn't seem to have a base colour, indeed, so you could have, say, pink hair that was blue under UV), but that sounds like it'll also be impressive. *smile*

Have fun!

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It's two different shades of pink, so it ought to appear OK. I honestly hadn't twigged to making my hair two different colours - the product sounded as if it would react like a glowstick, glowing and most visible in the dark. The Manic Panic will glow under blacklight.

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That's fair.

Also, this is one of those moments when I love living in the future. UV-reactive hair dyes - yay!


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