I'm vaguely creeped out at having dreamed of being entered into a very large bridge event without having been told about it - in my dream, the first I knew about it was when I turned up for my regular weekly game and it was partway through the third session and everyone was angry but no one had called me and my phone was on, I checked, so in my dream I was all "not my fault you idiots" and although they were still angry they didn't get on my case about it after that, and then I played brilliantly but I can't give you any details of the hands because unlike last time I dreamed of bridge, that was fuzzy. Also, my partner changed (from one person I don't play with due to style differences to a person I don't play with because they're in another state) in between one session I played and the next. Except the second session? They (the person I was playing with) were both at the table and not there (because they were in another state) and that existential uncertainty is what I'm pretty sure killed the illusion for me :P
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