I have just had the BEST TIME EVAR (with the exclusion of dancing tiems), at a jewellery making class. We have five more weeks (doing some of the basics of making stuff out of metal sheet), and it is so very very very cool.

Even if I break more saw blades than almost anyone else :P

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This week we did experimentation with scrap bits, homework is to begin designing something to make during class (suggested item is a pendant). Once we've finished making that (and learning about polishing and finishing and a few other things), we'll move onto another piece using different techniques such as soldering (suggested item is a ring).

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Ah, now that sounds like fun! At last, a non-nerdy crafts class :D

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It is funfunfunfunfunfunfunfun!

Although I have this idea which uses a whole bunch of tiny computer screws... Not going to make that in this class, I think the teacher would have a fit (the whole point of the pendant as my brain is envisaging it is to have a pretty pun :P )

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Computer screws, eh? Hmm, my bro-in-law's GF makes gorgeous glass-based jewellery and often sells at the markets over your way. I wonder if the two of you might be moved to collaborate on some steampunk jewellery in the future...

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Well, first I have to finish this course, and then Do Stuff. But that glasswork is gorgeous... WANT!

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Doesn't she do marvellous work?! I've bought several pieces from her as gifts for friends. Sometimes I get a family discount, depending on whether she and Big Mad Adrian are on speaking terms in any given week. It's a lively relationship :P

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You should see mum's jewellery making stuff...

Nothing exciting like metal manipulation, but she does have mountains of beads, chains, etc.


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