Livejournal says it has been four weeks since I updated. This is probably not going to be much of an update of what has been going on, except to say that Dancemania was fun, my sleeping holiday is fun, and Stomp this weekend will be fun.

I had to write down this morning's dream before I lost it; this is the reason for the post. I had roused at some point and then gone back to sleep. Wherein I dream of the twins; the twins waver in age from two to six depending on how I'm looking at them at the time. They are androgynous, with short-cropped milky blonde hair. They may or may not be mine; the recurring dreams are inconsistent on this point, but I am certainly generally taking care of them for the day. Sometimes there is both of them, sometimes I have lost one and I spend time thinking that I really should be more stressed than I am about having lost one of them. But they are very definitely twins, this is a central point to their self-identity. Even if there is only one, that one is still, always and forever, a twin.

This morning's dream involved soothing them for some reason and putting them to bed in an altered my-parents-family-room. With Clannad playing. On the record player. Which was b0rken. And stressing me out (this is the point at which one of the twins disappeared, and I started getting stressed about not being stressed that one of them had wandered off). Because I was trying to make it play, but the record (floppy and far thinner than an actual one) was too big for the player and was getting caught. Dad eventually came in and fixed it for me (apparently it had been stored improperly) and we got to hear Clannad's "Almost Seems Too Late To Turn" but with one of the gentlemen of the band doing a reading (with visuals like a music video down the hallway) instead of an intro for the music. It was a cool reading, I wish I could remember it.

So I woke up with an earworm. I have tried to dislodge it but it is not moving :P

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At least Dad came in and fixed things before I went completely bonkers stressing. I haven't been in that mental space for a while, almost three months, and it was a little distressing to feel myself starting to go there again.

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I actually remember dreaming this morning that something really minor went wrong in a project that I'm working on. What a waste of a dream.

My dreams are either incredibly lame or me having sex with a random person i know in reality... even people I don't find attractive.

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I have a lot of recurring themes: people, places, situations, other things that don't exist the way they do in this world. My dreaming self, for example, regularly visits the garden maze which is apparently part of the grounds of Government House (on North Tce). To the point that I have favourite places in there I like to visit, and choose to explore to find more.

Dreams (of mine) which don't have a recurring theme in them at some point freak me out :P

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It sounds like you have very vivid dreams.

You'll have to meet Alex sometime :)

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Some day I want to find a place like the house which has a garden entirely of cascades and ponds. It's on the top of a hill. A hill of cascading ponds. Which you can swim in. I love that place :P


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