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([personal profile] freyakitten Aug. 2nd, 2009 09:57 pm)
Aahahahahahaaahaaaa... My knee hurts. Dance class/mini-workshop. Theme: swings. Now I know how to give a guy enough feedback that he helps me slow my descent into the swing enough (rather than let me freefall) that I can stop the downwards motion before I go so far down that it is putting pressure on my knee without also stopping the sideways or turning momentum. And the guys who were there know to listen for that feedback, because I can't stop early enough without help. Speaking of sideways momentum, the guys also know not to take my weight aaaaaalll the way out sideways in a pendulum-type swing, lest my feet slip out from under me.

Posted from LJ-talk, because I am too tired right now to be bothered opening the client I use :D

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This appears to be a different type of pendulum swing than the one I know if you are worried about your feet slipping out from under you. <grin> Don't you just love jargon.

Hmmmm. Now I'm feeling only achey rather than pained it's rather tempting to stress those joints again. Hmmmm. Nobody does the Finish variants of tango here in Adelaide (at least, to my knowledge), and their is a decided lack of medieval and rennaisance dancing any more, so I might have to go for something more active.

<sigh> I'm so out of practice. And wasn't that good to begin with, really.

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"Pendulum" isn't the actual name of it, but it's my mental tag. Once you've started the swing, you swing like a pendulum. A complicated version starts at 1:09 in

Note that the couple in that video are resident in different states of Australia. So the vast majority of their technique and moves are portable; they focus on moves that require good technique rather than moves which require having attended the same workshop. Oh, and they'll be in Adelaide for a weekend of workshops in October [insert advertisement here]

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That's actually quite a useful video, as it readily shows the appropriate leads for Ceroc,* and the individual techniques are very clean.** The benefits of good technique rather than practised choreography.

Nope, that's not my idea of a pendulum swing. Although I've no idea of where to find an example of what I was thinking of, myself. I've forgotten most of my dance terminology, even stuff I was using just a couple of years ago.

* Which is especially useful for dancing in social situations, but at the same time the lead, being the central focus, seems very static. <shrug>

** Which appeals greatly to the swordsman in me, who has always preferred the simplicity of a single perfect stroke to overly flashy bladework. Which probably isn't a coincidence since I first learned both at about the same time.

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And are you sure you are allowed to be dancing with someone your own size?

Don't blame me, offered it to me when the video you sent me to stopped playing. Although the lack of a score does make it a somewhat surreal experience. <grin>

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He's a little taller now :P The young gentleman wanted a video to send home to his family to show them some of the things he'd been learning while in Australia. I don't remember which song we used, although I can ask the videographer :D

Also, I'm not the shortest lady at class. Even when I'm in flats.


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