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([personal profile] freyakitten Jul. 5th, 2009 11:31 pm)
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Castle was disappointing this evening. Not for the acting, not for the dialogue. For the fact that we'd picked out who did it within five seconds of their being introduced to the plot. I don't know about anyone else, but when a TV show rubs my face in the 'fact' that someone is dead? They're never dead. And 87% of the time, they did whatever it is that has caused people to go looking.

I'm not cutting this, because everyone I know who I know watches Castle on my friends list wouldn't consider this a spoiler because they'd be thinking the same thing. Also because I don't know how to do this with the bot thingy, as this is my first time using it.

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Oh noes! Iz is spoiled! <Looks up which episode showed last night> Oh, that one...

I never really considered Castle to be a detective-mystery show. It's a romantic comedy with detective-mystery tropes. Of course, the big mystery you've probably already encountered...

And, of course, your conjecture only works in the environment of a TV show, rather than real life. So if a show was to concentrate on the real life decision process rather than TV reality, does that make it a bad plot?

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:D Yes, it's not a detective-mystery show, although it is set in the same kind of setting.

The critical word in the exposition was 'vaporised'. The dead person was vaporised, so the body could never be found. If the body was never found, then in true soapie style, the 'dead person' will turn up in act four.

There were many reasons I stopped watching CSI of any kind. Firstly, the interminable 'Science!' which had to be presented in New! Exciting! Camera shots! Secondly, the journey to find out who had Done It once the first minute or so had revealed enough details for that to be figured out, that journey was just not interesting enough. Thirdly, the characters felt like they were not going to grow as characters, except in specific episodes where we Find! Out! Backstory!

I mean, this episode of Castle, we found out that the characters a) play poker regularly, and b) know many different varieties of the basic game (implied by the quick discussion as to what variety they're playing). The characters cannot be boiled down to a one-line description. Even the ones that you'd think could be. As opposed to the CSI head-on-it's-side guy who is uber-protective of girls and women due to his family history.

I also HATE romantic comedies, by the way :P But I love Castle.

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I also HATE romantic comedies, by the way :P But I love Castle.

That's because most romantic comedies tend to fail the reality test, and are really only a substitute for a tub of chocolate icecream. What I hope is that they continue to let the relationship develop naturally in Castle and don't stall it simply to maintain a false sexual tension.

Which reminds me, I must propogate a friends meme.



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