Last night I lay down for a nap when I got home from work (having turned my computer on). I intended to get up later and have dinner while checking email and so forth.

13.5 hours sleep later and I'm feeling comparatively human.

There may have been an interruption when Bastard got home from training and made the bed around me and put me to bed properly, but that may have been a dream (except I'm fairly sure I lay down to nap on his side of the bed because it had a warm spot where he'd been reading a book, and I woke up this morning on my side of the bed without shoes or jumpers on).

There was also dreaming about being about to make pikelets. Never about the making, or the eating, just repetitively being about to make pikelets in five minutes or so and anticipating the eating thereof.

If Bastard was making pikelets while I was asleep, he'd better have left some for me...


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