I have had the chocolate, as much as I want, anyway, and am thinking of broaching the mead liqueur.

From: [identity profile] shadow-5tails.livejournal.com

Hmmm. I know we have chocolate somewhere...

Also, very sorry that we missed you on Monday. Next time for sure!

From: [identity profile] freyaw.livejournal.com

Everything always seems to be happening on the same weekends - last weekend, if I hadn't been in Sydney for the dance comps, I would have been in Melbourne for the VCC (bridge competition).

Missed seeing all you guys :(

From: [identity profile] shadow-5tails.livejournal.com

*nods* I recall your saying as much last time you were over here. Still, all this back- and forth-ing has to mean we'll coincide now and then...

I hope you enjoyed the dance event, even if you weren't up to too much dancing?


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