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([personal profile] reynardo Aug. 21st, 2017 01:55 am)
... as if there was ever any doubt about the Livejournal SSHG-Giftfest.

Here's their banner:

2017 banner 3

I'm a bit quiet because while I'm not *super* busy, it's enough that I'm having to husband the energy carefully. But you do get one pic of what I've been up to...

Clever fox skirt

Made for the world's most adorable velociraptor, and she loves it. And for once I've allowed enough space plus a little for her to grow into...
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([personal profile] moonvoice Aug. 18th, 2017 04:20 pm)
I started this on Monday, with a Kilometrico ballpoint pen.
I was waiting to see the Radiation Oncologist.
I kept working on it on Tuesday,
in a waiting room,
while waiting to see the ENT Surgeon.
And then I finished it on Wednesday,
in another hospital waiting room,
while waiting to see the base of skull Neurosurgeon.

All ballpoint pen.

I just found out how my supervisor has been managing the various versions of my thesis chapters that we've been emailing back and forward while I work on them. Does she carefully save the stuff I send her so that she can go back and refer to them in future when we're trying to sort out what's going on with some particularly thorny edit? No, she does not. Apparently she simply cut-n-pastes the new stuff (or at least, the new stuff that she spots) into her "working version" of the chapter, then as far as I can tell she tosses the chapter version I sent her.

This explains SO MUCH.

I think I might cry now.


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