Wandered past my parent's house after a doctor's appointment today (BP 104/54, 70bpm) and Dad showed me what he's focused on right now, which is family tree and family history and so forth.

Apparently, four or so generations back along the paternal line (might be three, might be five, I don't know if I'm counting this right), we were farmers in Lancashire - Dad has census data showing actual addresses. My paternal grandmother's mother's mother's Dad was a jeweller in the Ballarat area. I pointed out to him that the thirteen year old female recorded on one particular census record as staying with the family who had just acquired a new baby would probably be related to the new mother, as the thirteen year old shared her maiden name, which was a datapoint he hadn't noted (the census in question was, IIRC, done in 1830ish - or it might have been one of the other ones he had copies of).

Anyway, finding it interesting :D All the little details...
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